Caio Terra Seminar Review

Caio Terra Seminar Review

Caio Terra is a World Jiu Jitsu champion who competes under the Gracie Elite/Gracie Fighter Team. Known for his unique BJJ style, hard work ethic and very outspoken views on the sport, Caio Terra has risen up the grappling ranks as a figure that is well respected and love by many in the BJJ community.


[social][/social]On October 15, Caio Terra conducted a fun and memorable seminar at Robot Fight & Fitness academy in West Los Angeles, California. What made this occasion such a distinct honor to be apart of was the fact Caio was going to go over moves that he has never recorded or taught outside of a seminar, which generated great hype going into the event. Those in attendance were in for a special treat as they got the opportunity to learn some techniques from his ever popular ‘Terra Guard” series that has led Caio to many championship titles in his career.

caioterra2The seminar was a great experience. Caio was a very genuine and nice guy to be around. What made Caio so sincere was he really cared about everyone mastering the moves which gave those in attendance an extra incentive to learn what he had to offer. He was very helpful with clearly verbally explaining each move and answering questions about any uncertainty people had about the positions that were being taught.

caioterra3In conclusion Caio’s seminar gets a 5 out of 5, it was really worth my money & time. Thanks to Pro-Jiujitsu Seminars and Robot Fight & Fitness for hosting a great seminar and Caio Terra for the great experience.

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