ADCC Absolute Title Fight: Popovitch vs Galvao

ADCC Absolute Title Fight: Popovitch vs Galvao

ADCC Title Fight: Absolute Match

Andre Galvao vs. Pablo Popovitch, a rematch from earlier in the 2 day tournament.

Galvao is a comeback to the BJJ tournament scene where he has been a phenom after letting his MMA career take a back seat.

On to the fight: Andre strikes early with a single leg takedown, after a miss on his trip.

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[social][/social]While Pablo spends a good portion of time slapping Andre’s head.   With Pablo on his back now defending in half guard, he moves to a very deep half guad while Andre stands up and suprisingly places his knee across Pablo’s throat.

Galvao steps over and grabs for a toe lock/hold.  Pablo immediately taps and it’s over – that fast.

Andre Galvao is now the ADCC 2011 Absolute World Champion.

Congratulations to both fighters on a great effort and show.  BJJ Legends extends our congratualtion to Andre, Pablo and all the competitors who participated in the world showcase.



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