2 Unknown BJJ Tournaments That Pay!

2 Unknown BJJ Tournaments That Pay!

Just when you thought Jiu-Jitsu couldn’t pay the bills, you can check out two tournaments that put the cha-ching in Jiu-Jitsu.  You might have thought only the ADCC or World Pro BJJ were paying out the big bucks and IBJJF provided some noteriety and on.. and  on… Well today my Jiu-Jitsu friends you can compete and get paid.  How about over $100K in money/prizes, does that sound nice.  It sounds like a new gi or two.

Where are they?

Read on and see…

[social][/social][einset][/einset]The 2 tournaments we have found at in 2 very different locations.  Italy and California.

First, we’ll stay local to the states.


Samurai Jiu-Jitsu Pro, Long Beach, CA May 8th

$30K in money/prizes

See Detail & Registration Below.

Prize money: Absolute
Blue belt Champion $500.00
Purple belt Champion $750.00
Brown Belt Champion $1,000.00

Black Belt:
1st place $3,000
2nd place $1,250

3rd place $750.00


Next it’s over to Italy…

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Professional Cup, Biella, Italy, May 13 – 15

Details and Registration

Men’s Prizes:


And this is the start – there’s over € 60,000 in prizes.  The money looks good. How will the competition be… Time will tell.




Visit and Register

Tournament will begin at 9:30am

This tournament is open to all schools and associations.  The Samurai Jiu-Jitsu Tournament will feature several divisions including categories for adult men & women, masters, seniors, teenagers and children.

Every registered competitor will receive a complimentary event t-shirt.  Medals will be awarded to competitors placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each division.  The top three competitors will earn ‘points’ for their teams and their academies.  The top three teams that score the most points will receive trophies for academies.

The Samurai Jiu-Jitsu Tournament reserves the right to close registration when we reach full capacity or until the registry deadline (Tuesday, May 3th 2011) is met.

Make sure to register early to reserve your spot.

Absolute/Open Cash prizes will be awarded as follows;

Blue belt Champion $500.00

Purple belt Champion $750.00

Brown Belt Champion $1,000.00

Black Belt Pro

Four divisions with a sixteen man brackets will be open for competitors.  A fifth division will be open for the absolute/open division.  To register, you must complete and submit your resumé by April 10th.  Sixteen of these registries will be selected to compete. The Competitors for the Samurai Black Belt Pro will be selected from the first 200 applications received. Once the 200 registration are received we will close the registration.

The brackets will be divided by the weight categories displayed below;

-165 lbs , 75 kilos

-185 lbs , 85 kilos

-205 lbs , 93 kilos

-Above 205 , Above 93 kilos

– Absolute / Open division *

The first three competitors that place on each weight bracket will be automatically pre-qualified to compete at the open division.  Four more black belts that had competed throughout the event will be invited to the Absolute/Open sixteen man bracket.  The promoter will reserve the right to fulfill open spots with more invitees.

The Samurai Black Belt Pro division will have the following;

Matches will have an 8 minutes time limit.
All final matches will have three referees.
Must fight for third place to win prize
Cash prizes will be distributed as follows;

1st place $3,000

2nd place $1,250

3rd place $750.00

The absolute/open Samurai champion will be awarded a Japanese Samurai Sword.  Trophies will be awarded to the competitors placing 2nd and 3rd .


Each school may have 2 competitors in each category. Schools may have more than one team, but each team’s points are counted separately.

Registration Prices;

KIDS $50.00
ADULT MAN $65.00

FROM APRIL 19TH to MAY 3rd ( registration will end at 12:00AM PST )
KIDS $65.00
ADULT MAN $85.00

Registration fees are non-refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS. (Even if you or your school are disqualified).

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Professional Cup, Italy

Visit and Register

With € 60,000 in prizes, the first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Professional Cup, comes to innovate and build a new concept of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions. With a very well organized structure, athletes from all around the world and the presence of great champions and idols of the sport, the event promises to be a show full of great fights.

Located in the beautiful town of Biella, Italy, the tournament is a great opportunity for those who want to enjoy traveling and at the same time put their Jiu Jitsu into prove, in the search for the great title.

The championship will be held on the 13th, 14th and 15th May, at the Lauretana Forum
stadium, in Biella, Italy. The event is open to all gyms.
Application’s deadline: May 5
Date and schedule check: May 9
Announcement of matches: May 10
Price: € 100.00 until April 15. After that, € 120.00 .
Location: Lauretana Forum Stadium next to the Centre Commerciale “Gli Orsi” Viale Domenico Modugno 3, 13900, Biella, ITALY.


€ 60,000 in prizes. Cash prizes for the adult athletes from White Belt to Black Belt. Prize money also for the categories: Male Master and Female Adult. There will only be prize money if there’s fight in the relevant category. The categories Youth, Senior and Super Senior will not have a cash prize, but will get medals

Athletes should rank among the top 4 of each class to fight for the Open Class.

* Female Open Class: Only Adults. Up to 66KG and Over 66KG
** Female Open Class: White and Blue belts will compete in the same division
** Female Open Class: Purple, Brown and Black belts will compete in the same division

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