2011 Pan BJJ Update (3/26)

The Pans have heated up with fantastic fights and challenges for the competitors.   The coaches surround the mats with a fierce voice that gets louder as we move in higher belts and the crowds grow accordingly.

Men’s Purple Absolute:

This year’s purple belt absolute final saw Wilbur (aka Willie) Leonard and De Alonzio (DJ) Jackson compete for the gold.  To DJ’s ultimate dismay, Willie secured the gold with a 6 to 0 win including two guard passes. Final Standings in the Open:

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FIRST Wilbur Leonard Lloyd Irvin M.A Academy
SECOND De Alonzio Jackson Lloyd Irvin M.A Academy
THIRD Jeffrey Boudreaux Roberto Traven
THIRD Francisco Iturralde Alliance

Men’s Middle Weight Purple Belt

Unfortunately, Jackson fell to second in two finals, when Will Durkee beat him in the Middle Weight, Purlple.  The Avengers take first with team Irvin coming up 2nd.   Here’s the final.

FIRST Will Durkee The Avengers
SECOND Alonzo Jackson Lloyd Irvin M.A Academy
THIRD Victor Santos GF Team
THIRD Marcos Paulo Acosta DDR Jiu-Jitsu

Women’s Blue Belt Absolute:

In the female division, Carlson Gracie Temecula took the blue belt absolute.

FIRST Alexis Dufresne Carlson Gracie Team
SECOND Julia Forrester Alliance
THIRD Jessica Eve Richer Gracie Barra Long Island
THIRD Hana Fisher Alliance SP

Women BJJ Purple Belt Feather Weight

The FW women saw Mackenzie Dern (the daughter of Magaton and Luka of Gracie Humaita) and Samantha Faulhaber make the finals.   Coming out in the first position for the gold was Dern, her first Pan Gold, who is continuing to add tournament wins under her belt.   You can read about Dern and her BJJ family of Legends here.

FIRST Mackenzie Dern Gracie Humaita
SECOND Samantha Faulhaber Gracie Humaita
THIRD Kristina Barlaan Nova União
THIRD Jena Bishop Gracie Humaita USA


Alexis Dufresne (Carlson Gracie) won the silver in the medium heavyweight division.  Four of her six matches ended in submission as she entered the Women’s Absolute.   Her final fight was against Julie Forrester (Team Alliance)

Women’s Purple:

Lloyd Irvin is first in the Purple Belt Category

Absolute finalists were Rachel Demara  and Sijara Eubanks, both Team Irvin.  Both had three good fights before coming to meet in the finals. Rachel, submitting all her opponents prior to the finals and Sijara winning in points her matchs.   In the end Sijara Eubanks won the category and the gold.  Here’s how the podium looks:

FIRST Sijara Eubanks Lloyd Irvin M.A Academy
SECOND Rachel Demara Lloyd Irvin M.A Academy
THIRD Tammi Musumeci American Top Team
THIRD Megan Nevill X3 Sports

Rachel also took the silver in the middle weight divsion Women’s Purple Belt.

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