Valente Brothers and Royce Gracie Hold Huge Belt Ceremony

Valente Brothers and Royce Gracie Hold Huge Belt Ceremony

Belt_Ceremony_2The Valente Brothers ( held a tremendous belt ceremony on Friday, December 11th. With over 300 students in attendance, Master Pedro Valente Sr. and Royce Gracie (featured in Issue 1, 2009 BJJ Legends Mag) traveled to Miami especially to attend this event.

Students, Burak Eyilik, Dan Rozenberg, Roberto Fleischmann and Roberto Bittar were promoted to Black Belt. Keep Rolling Guys!

Burak_black_beltThe Valente Brothers father, Pedro Valente Sr, is an eighth degree red and black belt under Hélio Gracie and a distinguished plastic surgeon. Gui Valente comments, “We (Pedro, Gui and Joaquim Valente) started training with Grandmaster when we were 2 years old. Both my grandfather and father were students of Hélio Gracie at the original Gracie Academy in Rio de Janeiro.”

Pedro Valente was a close friend of Grandmaster Carlos Gracie and had the priviledge to learn directly from him the principles of his nutritional regimen and philosophies.Hannah_brown_belt

All in all a ceremony is a proud moment for the academy, instructors, the lieage and family.  Congratulations to you all, and Keep Rolling!


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