P90X Week 5

As far as updates go, I know I’ve been slacking the last few days, but I have kept with the workout.  Push ups and pull ups are easier, but I’m not sure the plyo workout ever gets easier.  It probably just gets more intense because you are able to jump higher and turn faster.  Over the weekend I watched Major League, the early 90’s baseball movie about the lowly Indians that turn their program around with a bunch of misfits and it gave me the best idea.  Updates are boring.  I have to keep you interested somehow so what I’m going to do is give head shots once a week until the final product is ready. 

One of the coolest new exercises of the week is the plyo pushup.  It’s like the push up with a clap in the middle except instead of just your hands leaving the ground your hands and feet leave the ground.  Oh baby it’s a doozy! As well as the floor fly, you get down in push-up position put one hand on the paper plate and as you go down you slowly slide the plate over like a until your in your down position with your left hand wide and as you come up your bring your hand back in.  You alternate hands after each rep.  Whoever thought of these exercises I’m guessing didn’t do it at a Tex-Mex restaurant over a pitcher of margaritas and chips and salsa.


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