P90X: Week 3 Day 5


The week has been extremely busy both at work and at home, but has also been a great one working out.  I am able to stay with the workout through the whole time minus a few of the ab ripper x workouts.  Last night was Yoga night and I was able to get my feet over my head and touching the floor.  I am so stoked and my body feels awesome.  I do need to stop partying on the weekends because I know that Is definitely detrimental in losing my belly, but I can still tell a huge difference in how I feel, sleep and look.  People are starting to comment that my face looks thinner.  I really do look forward to popping in the DVD at night even if I don’t get home until 9:00 pm.  My day just isn’t complete with the sweat soaked workout with Tony and the gang.  My portions are smaller and of healthier choices than before I started.  I have made the commitment and my dedication has been unwavering.  There are a few nights a weeks that I have to make concessions as to what I am eating because I do not get to prepare it, but again so much of the diet is about portion control.  What I have chosen is a life and life style change.  I am taking this as a marathon and not a race.  It has taken 4 or 5 years to get my body this out of shape and I know that 90 days isn’t enough time to get it where it needs to be, but it is definitely going to be an awesome kick start.


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