P90X: Week 3 Day 2

Brunch buffet and a lot of alcohol consumption on Sunday.  Rest of the weekend was okay.  I stuck to the workout.  This blog might one of the things keeping me going. 

My body is feeling good and I actually look forward to putting in the DVD when I get home.  I am not so sore that I can’t lift my arms over my head, but sore to where I know I have pushed myself.  The nutrition is the hardest thing to follow, but I am making better choices in what I eat and how much of it I eat.  I am getting anxious to see how things look after the next three weeks.  Since I skipped the Kenpo exercise the first week, Saturday was my first day to get to do it.  Kenpo was fast paced and fun an awesome way to get your cardio in.  My shirt was soaked and I felt like I had been running all morning.  I haven’t punched or kicked that much in my entire life.  P90X is great for people that want to get in shape, but feel they just can’t do it by themselves.  When you put that DVD in your feel like you are a part of a class and not by yourself at all.

I can really tell a difference in how my muscles feel.


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