Ranato Taveres shows Escape from 50/50 guard

Ranato Taveres Shows Escape from 50/50 Guard

Vero Beach, American Top Team

[bjjad][/bjjad][social][/social]Renato announced the escape and submission from the controversial guard on YouTube


Renato says “I made a video of the 50/50 position. I can’t miss the chance to show it first. The idea behind the position is to get out of knot it’s become, to get out of what appears to be stalling. Everyone’s talking about it, but nobody has shown the solution. I made my DCD with 14 moves n top and bottom three weeks ago, and three weeks from now it will be on the market,” via a comment to Gracie Magazine.

Earlier in the week: “The Alliance laboratory cracks the 50/50, the antidote took time in coming but is here…” was what was posted on the twitter of team leader Fabio Gurgel, yesterday, August 17, on Monday.

And even earlier: Gracie Mag published an issue with highlight on the highly debated guard.

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