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Did you know Jiu-Jitsu is the fastest growing martial art?

With over 300,000 martial arts academies in the United States the market for jiu-jitsu enthusiasts and practicioners is about 3 – 5 million people.

BJJ Legends is a high quality reference magazine 84 Full Color Pages of Pure Jiu-Jitsu…..that comes with a DVD (over 3 hours of content):

  • Interviews
  • Video
  • Techniques
  • BJJ Fights
  • and more…

Our program provides a:

– Generous 40% Discount off of the cover price
– Minimum Order of 10 Magazines
– For International Distributors we suggest you think about 15 – 20 issues to offset the cost of shipping.

BJJ Legends is carried in Barnes and Noble Bookstores now.

Please inquire if you can reach:

– Niche Stores

– Marital Arts Academies / MMA Stores

– International Regions/Stores

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