How The iGrapple App is Eliminating The “Learning Curve” From Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

I’m sure that we’ve all been in the same situation before where we learn a new technique and something isn’t clicking, no matter how hard we try to focus on the details we often overlook.  With tons of mat time and research, there is still something that isn’t making sense.  At a stand-still, you’re ready to pass up on learning that technique and move forward.

However, times are changing thanks to the iGrapple Mobile app.

Recently released, the iGrapple is a fantastic tool that every single one of us Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players can use in order to take the next step forward in our skill development.

If you go back to the first paragraph and think to yourself, “Hey, that’s me!” when it comes to learning new techniques, then you’re in luck because the iGrapple is here to eliminate any issue that you may face in learning.

With a very classroom-like approach to grappling, the app does a fantastic job of breaking everything down so that even the most basic white belts out there can soak up the moves and implement them in a heartbeat!


Grappling Made Easy!

Like the clouds in the sky, everybody is different, especially when it comes to learning new moves and techniques.  Some can see it demonstrated once, and pick it up right away whereas others may need it broken down at a nice and slow pace.

If you’re one of those who may need to see it over-and-over again, and may feel selfconcious having your instructor taking time to help you while the rest of the class sits and waits, then the iGrapple is ideal for you!

The developers of the app knew this was an issue for many grapplers, and wanted to focus in on it. You can actually check out how it works in this video!

Organization is key for iGrapple, as every move in the app is sorted into easy to remember, bite sized positions and sub-positions.  Breaking moves down into very specific categories makes learning them a breeze!

Another beautiful thing about this setup is that given the organization of everything, if you’re having an issue with a certain grouping of techniques, then you can take care of that issue in one tap of the screen since everything is closely related, and specific sequences are all grouped together.

How To One Up Your Opponent On The Mat

It goes without saying that no matter how hard you work or how gifted you are on the mat, there will come a time where you hit a wall and stall out.  When you do, then your competition will begin to gain ground and even surpass you on the mat.

Having the iGrapple mobile app is a fantastic way to make sure you avoid hitting that wall, and continuing your learning process of the sport, no matter your belt rank.

There is no doubt in my mind that I highly recommend this product to all of my fellow grapplers out there reading this write-up! Get your course instantly here!

Dan Faggella

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