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Online Instructional Feature: TrainFightWin is an online website that specializes in no-gi submission grappling and mixed martial arts instructional videos. The site is a great one stop destination that offers more than 10 hours of free instructional content, as well as a message forum, networking features, MMA news, and other exciting features to the user base of 5,000 members from more than 90 countries. Unlike a lot of online training websites TrainFightWin is geared toward helping YOU the user. With its high level of personal attention you will be assisted at developing a solid formula that will produce repeatable results in your martial arts growth.

“I make it a point to try to help out any of my users that ask me to- even going so far as to work the corner of one of my users that I never met before at a competition. I don’t want people to memorize a bunch of random techniques that they throw out in a desperate attack; but rather I want people to learn a logical grappling system so that they can produce repeatable results on the mat.”

Created in 2008, the site started as a mechanism tool to assist an instructor’s students with some troubleshooting issues they were having with learning techniques taught during class. Hoping to help his students excel the instructor (Richard Whirley) would record countless hours of videos to assist his students with retaining the information that was taught in class. As time progressed, this simple tool to assist his students would eventually reach thousands of practitioners on Youtube thus turning it into the popular franchise it is today.


“People were emailing me asking me how much I’d charge to download all the videos- and thus the site idea was born. I did some follow up sets and the demand was incredible. I’ve been very fortunate to have some of the lucky breaks and great followers that I’ve had.”

The creator Richard Whirley carries with him over a decade of knowledge and experience which is a big asset as to the success of TrainFightWin. Richard began his martial arts journey in 1998 under the tutelage of Gary Brown (Founder of Eagle Combat Systems). Originally directing his focus on submission grappling (no-gi), he quickly became interested in the striking arts and began learning Gary Brown’s style of Muay Thai and modified K-1 eventually making the transition into MMA which made a positive difference in his life.

“During my 9+ years of training under Mr. Brown, he has become a large mentor in my life. He has gone out of his way on countless occasions for me, and has shaped my life more outside of the ring than inside it. He is largely to credit for much of the success that I have experienced in my fighting life as well as in my personal life and career.” Richard said.

During his time in the sport Richard has achieved many accolades is his career which included victories in boxing Pancrase, gi and no-gi grappling events. In addition he has had the opportunity to train with many great figures over the years that have helped contributed to his growth as a martial artist and his abilities as an instructor. Some of his influences are Erik Paulson, Marcelo Garcia, Roy Dean and Founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu system Eddie Bravo.

Taking what he has learned throughout his growth in the sport, Richard has developed a website that has assisted thousands of people all over the world even gaining attention from the  Submission, Scott Sullivan, & former UFC Light heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell.

“The overall goal of the site is to spread the word of submission grappling and MMA. This sport has changed and shaped my life in so many ways- and I really think that it can provide some very valuable life lessons to other people. The primary purpose of my instructional videos is not to replace a qualified instructor- but rather to help cut down on the learning curve for beginner and intermediate grapplers.”

Richard Whriley – Founder of

Personal Accomplishments:
1999 – Bronze Medalist, Spring Showdown (Augusta, GA)
1999 – Gold Medalist, Hot Summer Night Fights (Valdosta, GA)
2000 – Gold Medalist, Fall Brawl (Augusta, GA)
2000 – Gold Medalist, Winter Wars (Valdosta, GA)
2001 – Competitor, Georgia Games Boxing (Doraville, GA) – Eliminated by Reigning State Champion
2001 – Silver Medalist, ISKA Kentucky State Championships (Danville, KY)
2001 – Bronze Medalist, NAGA Georgia State Championships (Lawrenceville, GA)
2002-Present – Conducted Numerous Self Protection Seminars for Law Enforcement, Women’s Groups, Etc.
2008 – Awarded Honorary Black Belt, United Federation of Martial Arts
2009 – Awarded Black Belt in Eagle Ju-Jitsu by Eagle Combat Systems founder, Gary Brown

Trained Under:
Gary Brown; Founder of Eagle Combat Systems
George Allen; Head Competitor from Eagle Combat Systems, KOTC/IFL/AFL/Hook-N-Shoot Veteran
Ricardo Murgel; 7th Degree BJJ Black Belt under GrandMaster Flavio Behring
Cam McHargue; SFO/Gauntlet Trials/WEFC/ISCF Champion
Joseph Merit; Certified under Erik Paulson for CSW, KOTC/IFL/AFL/Hook-N-Shoot Veteran
Kelly Williams; BJJ Gracie Barra Black Belt
Maajid Al-Kush; BJJ Black Belt under Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti, Pan-American Games Gold Medalist

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