The 1-Leg X-Guard…as told by Marcelo Garcia via MGinACTION

The 1-Leg X-Guard…as told by Marcelo Garcia via MGinACTION

bI was first introduced to 1-Leg X-Guard by Emily Kwok in her How To Defeat Bigger, Stronger Opponents DVD set.  I played around with it and even though I pulled mount more often than not I didn’t give up.  I kept working on it, asked questions and researched on my own.  Fast forward almost a year and this is my go to attack when my opponents stands or posts his leg. 

A few months ago we were approached by MGinACTION about collaborating and this article is the result.  What you’ll find below is a downloadable PDF (and graphics file) that shows you my notes on all the instructional videos in MGinACTION that cover the 1-leg X-Guard.  What you’ll also find is an interactive map that has links directly to the videos in MGinACTION so that you can watch the videos that were just mapped out.


To get the full benefit of the interactive map you will need to have an active subscription to MGinACTION.  If you don’t have an active account with them you can use this promo code: BJJGOMARCELO and get a free week to test the waters.  For those with a subscript sign-in and

click HERE  

If you want to foregore the links in the map you can use the listed video#.  In the example below you’d replace “17573” with whatever video you wanted to see.

address bar

Without further ado…

mginaction 1 leg x guard

If you’re still interested in more videos be sure to go to The Jiu Jitsu Lab to see Emily Kwok’s video on Trouble shooting the 1-Leg X-Guard and here as well.  Now get out there and starting sweeping your partners!

I hope that all of you get as much out of this map and the referenced videos as I did.  While working on this project my game, especially against standing opponents, improved drastically.  Not only did my 1-Leg X get better but my DLR and Spider did as well now that I have more options during transition.  Most importantly I learned that even when pulling mount you’re learning something 😉

The files are available as a PDF and graphics file at the end of the article.  Please share as much as you’d like and feel free to make requests on the next MGinACTION interactive map.



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