Sprained Finger?

Sprained Finger?

Sprained a finger? Use a ponytail holder for extra support.

One of the guys at my academy showed me this little trick.

You’ve sprained your finger. You’ve iced, medicated and elevated. Now you want to train. Start by taping the finger to provide a compression. Don’t tape too tightly. Next use a hair tie to support the injured finger. Sandwich the hurt finger to the neighbor finger using a hairband instead of tape. Its quick and when it falls off, as the tape inevitably does, just retie the hair tie.

Remember to tie the fingers two-by-two so that there isn’t a finger left with out a supporting finger. For example tape the ring finger to the pinky and the index finger to the pointer. If you tape the ring finger to the index finger that leave the pinky finger vulnerable.

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Chris Haueter, hands down some of the gnarliest fingers in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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