Pedro To The Rescue! Learn To Enhance Your BJJ Game Through Judo!

As the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu continues to evolve, there are always new ways grapplers can learn to enhance their skill set.  The growth of the sport—much in part to the rapid rise of Mixed Martial Arts—has thus welcomed athletes from all walks of life to give the art of grappling a try.

Long past are the days where the sport was BJJ specific.  In that sense, I mean that I have had wrestlers, boxers, football players, track stars and average Joe’s all hop on the mat to learn the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Due to this influx of talent, the sport is ever changing and each sport-specific competitor offers a new challenge for many traditional grapplers.

Recently, the legendary Judoka, Jimmy Pedro, announced a product launch that will help benefit the BJJ players out there that are struggling with specific types of grapplers.

Pedro offers his Judo expertise to help Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players deal with various forms of grapplers. Jimmy offers us the whole specturum of Judo to help our BJJ game and you can check out what he has to say here on Science of!


Dealing With Wrestlers & Stronger Grapplers

One very common transition that I have seen in terms of style of grappling is wrestlers making the transition to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  After their High School and College years, many wrestlers are left wandering around looking to fill that competitive void, which BJJ does perfectly.

Given their intense years of training since childhood, wrestlers are extremely disciplined, high intensity, strong grapplers.  BJJ players are more agile and speedy, which could pose a challenge when the much stronger wrestler gets their paws on them.

Jimmy Pedro can teach you just how to go about utilizing your skills—as well as learning new ones—to take on these hulking figures.

The long-lived cliché rings true: the bigger they are, the harder they fall. In another article of mine on I cover the topic of the different aspects of Judo from the feet and all the way to the ground and I apply it to BJJ, you can check it out here!

After going through these products that Pedro offers, you will be ready to take on Daniel Cormier himself!

How To Take Care of Pesky Grapplers

Wrestlers aren’t the only types of grapplers that can cause you to lose sleep at night.  Even the far less-muscle bound types of grapplers can give you headaches!  Have you ever jumped on the mat with a smaller guy and thought to yourself, “Hey, I can take this guy!  It’ll be a cake walk!”  Only to have them pull guard—or even worse—flat back you the entire time!

This can cause any grappler to pull their hair out!  It can be difficult to deal with these types, as they can easily fend you off for the entire match and steal the bout by way of points.


With the help of fellow Judoka, Travis Stevens, Jimmy Pedro can help you deal with these types of headaches as well. These grapplers can be elusive and make you play a game of cat-and-mouse, however, once you improve your Judo skills, they’ll think twice before making you frustrated!

So what’s stopping you from going out and supporting Pedro’s movement?  Nothing!  In fact, I’m wrapping this blog right now so you can go get it!

Dan Faggella

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