BJJ Conditioning With The Prowler

BJJ Conditioning With The Prowler



The Prowler is one of those tools that my athletes hate to see me bringing over, but love the results that come from training with it.  Here are my top 3 exercises that I use with all my BJJ athletes with the Prowler:

1.  Prowler Push
I have my BJJ athletes do a Prowler Push in order to develop their work capacity and to help build muscle with very little stress on the body.  During BJJ training or matches, we are forced to be explosive in very short periods of time…If we do not train like that, how do we expect to perform like that when it counts.  

Try starting off with 2-3 sets with each set consisting of 6-8 reps. Remember that here the reps should be kept low because we are working on being powerful and explosive every time we push the sled.

2.  Prowler Pull
The Prowler Pull offers the same types of benefits as the push: work capacity and help build muscle with very little stress on the body.  To perform this exercise you are going to have to strap either a TRX Suspension Trainer or a set of ropes to hold on to.  The key to this exercise is to remember that we do not want to use our legs.  Just focus on keep your arms straight and pulling in an explosive manner towards you.

Number of sets and rep ranges are the same as the Prowler Push.

3.  Prowler Sprints
This is definitely an all time favorite with all my athletes.  This exercise is not only great for building up work capacity, but also increasing speed, power, and recovery.
I normally set up two cones 20 yards apart and the distance that they athlete covers will depend on where the athlete is in their training program.  Remember to always keep the time that your athletes complete the sprint in…this will allow them to compete against their own time.

Now turn off your computer…Head to the gym…And take the necessary steps with the Prowler to win your next tournament.

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