Mind Map:  Ryan Hall’s The Triangle Series

Mind Map: Ryan Hall’s The Triangle Series

One of the first instructionals that I ever watched was Ryan Hall’s The Triangle.  This DVD set was recommended to me by pretty much everyone I knew and after watching I can understand why.  Ryan goes over the Triangle as not only a submission but also as a position from which to work on sweeps and other ways of finishing your opponent.  To give you an idea of depth that Ryan goes into while covering this topic, the set contains 3 DVDs and has over 4 hours of instruction.   This level of detail can be found in all of Ryan’s DVDs is something that you’re not likely to come across while watching other instructionals.  I’m not going to get too in-depth on the review as there are numerous ones out there such as here and here but I do want to share a bird-eye view of what you can find in the set and tell you that this DVD set will help anyone at any level.

The maps (flowcharts) below are intended as a study aid and will never replace the DVDs or hands on instruction.  They’re just my way of taking notes and IMO look pretty cool too 🙂

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 Vol. 1 – The Triangle as a Position

  1. Introduction (Posture Is Everything)
  2. Proper Locking Technique
  3. Securing The Perpendicular Angle
  4. Finishing The Choke: Stomp And Curl
  5. Structure And Force Principles Explained
  6. Managing Distance And Angle
  7. Quick Review
  8. Alternative Configuration #1: The Switch Figure.Four
  9. Alternative Configuration #2: The Reverse Triangle
  10. Alternative Reverse Triangle Attacks
  11. Defeating the Roger Gracie Defense
  12. Skill Drill #1: Hip Explosion Drill
  13. Skill Drill #2: Standard/Switch/Reverse Triangle Flow Drill
  14. Posture/Pressure/Rotation Recognition Drill
  15. Alternative Finishes #1: Punch In Neck and Karate Chop
  16. Alternative Finishes #2: Trapped Arm Keylock And Armlock
  17. Alternative Finishes #3: Trapped Arm Wristlock
  18. Alternative Finishes #4: Off-Arm Crush And Kimura
  19. Alternative Finishes #5: The Oma Plata

Ryan Hall - Triangle DVD 1 

Vol. 2 – Angles, Mechanics, and Entries

  1. Explanation Of Fifty/50 BJJ Triangle Methodology
  2. The Importance Of Angles
  3. Posture Breaks And Angle Maintenance #1: Double Swim Inside, 2-on-1
  4. Posture Breaks And Angle Maintenance #2: The Hinge Principle
  5. Skill Drill: Posture And Angle Control
  6. Closed Guard: Tap.Through Triangle
  7. Closed Guard: Tap Through Triangle (Cont.)
  8. Closed Guard: Kick-Through Triangle
  9. Closed Guard: Shin Smash Triangle
  10. Closed Guard: Hip Bump Triangle
  11. Closed Guard: Flower Sweep Triangle
  12. Closed Guard: Armlock To Triangle
  13. Closed Guard: Oma Plata To Triangle
  14. Closed Guard: Guillotine To Triangle
  15. Closed Guard: Kimura To Triangle
  16. Half Guard: Overhook To Triangle
  17. Half Guard: Granby Underneath To Triangle
  18. Half Guard: Armdrag To Triangle

Ryan Hall - Triangle DVD 2

Vol. 3 – Advanced Guard Attacks and Top Control

  1. Sitting Guard: Kick Through Triangle
  2. Inverted Guard: Standard Triangle
  3. Inverted Guard: Reverse Triangle
  4. Inverted Guard: Against Standing Opponent
  5. Back Control To Triangle
  6. Back Control To Reverse Triangle
  7. Mounted Triangle
  8. Side Control Triangle
  9. Knee-On-Belly Triangle
  10. Reverse Knee-On-Belly Triangle
  11. Modified Flying Triangle From Open Guard Top

Ryan Hall - Triangle DVD 3

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