Review/Mindmap: Modern Jiu-Jitsu the Turtle & Back

Review/Mindmap: Modern Jiu-Jitsu the Turtle & Back

Modern Jiu Jitsu, as my DVD illustrates, isn’t new jiu jitsu just a better way to do the things we have always been doing. We aren’t reinventing the wheel, we are using better application of technique to make the wheel better.”  Caio Terra

In part three of our series exploring and charting Caio Terra’s Modern Jiu Jitsu series we will be focusing on his instruction regarding the Turtle and back control positions.  This section is available as an App directly from ITunes for all your Apple devices.  This information is also contained in the second half of the 2nd DVD in the Modern Jiu Jitsu set.  If you haven’t already seen them please take a few minutes to check out our breakdowns for the Closed Guard and the Mount.

I won’t go into too much detail on the quality of instruction (excellent), the audience (white/blue belts) or production value (excellent) because those aspects of the set have been covered in our previous review.  So, straight to the meat of it…


This App is right at 40 minutes long, has chapters covering the mount (bottom and top), turtle (bottom) and back control positions.  There are 10 chapters covering Turtle and back attacks.  This includes chapters that cover proper positioning and posture so that you are able to effectively control your opponent.  A section that I really liked was his detailed breakdown of how to get your hooks in place and some counters to common defenses that you’re likely to encounter while putting in the hooks.  For attacks the focus is on a handful of high-percentage techniques: RNC (with a variation), Collar Choke (with a variation), Armbad and taking the back.  The Turtle and Back defense section consists of 9 chapters and focuses on sweeps and escapes from the bottom.  The Turtle defenses demonstrate escapes that will get you to: Butterfly (bottom), Side Control (top) and ½ Guard (bottom).  The escape to Butterfly can also get you to 1-legged X-guard very easily though Caio doesn’t demonstrate that variation.  For back defense all techniques assume that he has both hooks in and when properly applied will have you in: Guard (top), Single Leg, or Side Control (top).

Below you’ll find the flowchart that can be used as a study guide in conjunction with the App/DVD

 modern jj back turtle

Wrap Up
Mobile Blackbelt has done it again with another very nice app that would be a very good addition to the library of any white/blue belt.  The techniques are presented clearly and with multiple camera angles so that you aren’t missing any details.  I was able see Caio demonstrate most of these techniques at a seminar and they were straightforward enough that the students picked them up relatively quickly.  App is available at iTunes here for $14.99 or you can purchase the DVD set here for $129.99.

You can download PDFs of this map using the link below the tags.

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