BJJ Legends Magazine and enlists contributors from around the world.

Our core contributors include:

Mafu Kobus – Black Belt and regular contributor to BJJ Legneds Mag

Felipe Costa – Black Belt and Traveling professor – writes an editorial in BJJ Legends Mag.

Rose Gracie – Contributor to the Gracie Diet

Moegi Abe – Jiu-Jitsu practicioner, contributor and translator for BJJ Legends Mag

Shijin Abe – Former fighter and contributor to BJJ Legends Mag

Kris Shaw – Photographer, 3rd American woman JiuJitsu Black Belt and regular contributor to BJJ Legends Mag

Ryan Fiorenzi – Black Belt, Martial Artist and head of East West Martial Arts in Detroit, MN.

Sean Peake – regular interviewer at Tournaments and other special assignements as a contributor.

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