Article and Video Guidleines for BJJ Legends

Intersted to be Interviewed By BJJ Legends Mag,

Make sure you contact us regarding your interest.

To set your expectations this can go a couple of ways:

1. If our editors consider a feature for the magazine, we will need to arrange and interview and bjj/grappling technique shoot. With the upcoming competitions in California – we often schedule them around the Pan Am, No-Gi and Mundials (Wolrd Championships)..

* Note: in-person is not always required however does provide the most professional look and lends to great promotion all involved.

2.  If it is determined not to be a feature at this time, we may still shoot it, or we would ask your team to interview (in the style in our bjj mag) and provide photos and video if you can.  This will get the information on our site and potentially in the magazine at an undetermined time.

See our Article Guidelines Below.

Independent Writers with Stories or Sports Coverage:

Contact us with your pitch or article.

ARTICLE Guidelines

We’re looking for articles that can be submitted with a 400 to 800 word count.  Larger Exposes such as the ADCC, Abu Dhabi, Major International Tournaments may required 1600 word count.

Person based features require Hi res photos and 6 technique positions shot ideally in HD format. Video is preferred as an addition but not required.

Depending on the article quality, it could probably be a web article and possibly be in the magazine – subject to editorial review.

If WE SAID FOR YOU TO Produce the Article… Use this guide….

Some quick lessons learned that can help you:

1. Review our magazine and format the interview as we format the article, interview style. Engage a good writer to edit or help.  Good writers only make you look good, make less work for us and mark it EASY to get in the mag.

2. VIDEO: When submitting video, raw video tape is ok or QT movie format in HD, digital files – NO DVDs please

3. PHOTOGRAPHY: Provide Hi Res photos 5 MP or higher – JPG or RAW format is ok.

– TAKE 1 Photo of each position and transition

– Try to take more than 6 photos of moving through the position as we’ll determine what may and may not be needed.

4. VIDEO TECHNIQUES: Techniques are not required but CAN GET YOU IN THE MAG- so consider doing them.  When shooting on video, make sure to:

– say the technique name each time at each take.

– Get 2 directional shots

– Have good audio quality and talk/explain each step of the technique.

– Think of it as:  1st take – explanation of detail, 2nd take (different angle) –  explanation of detail, 3rd take – Done at regular speed – no explanation.

5. Provide what you want to promote – we’re big  on promoting instructors, school and those who help us… include:
– Names, Addresses, web addresses, email, etc..

6. If accepted. Video and photo participants will need to sign a release and waiver as we need the freedom to use the video/photos as we see fit.


1) Interview – transcribed

2) Your promotional Information

3) Video – tape or email us for FTP info – MOV format, HD preferred. Trimmed if possible excluding erroneos video.

4) Photographs and description of each major move/transition – provide on disk or email us for FTP.

Good luck and let us know when you are ready with the content.

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  1. Craig Grams

    This Friday, 8/30/2019, Marcio “Pe de Pano” Cruz will receive his 5th degree from Roberto “Gordo” Correa in New Tampa Florida

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