Daily Rickson Interview Series 17 of 24: Master and Development Council

Today in the our Rickson Interview Series: What are the Master and Development Councils and what’s the difference between the two?


BJJ Legends: To further that and help facilitate that, my understanding is you have two councils. There’s a Master’s Council and a Development Council. Is that correct? Can you explain to us the difference between the two?

Rickson Gracie: The Master’s Council is a roundtable with the guys who have been forever in this sport. They’re all graduates. They’re all guys who have a good understanding of the needs. They have a complete view about the sport, the evolutionary process, what is good, rules. They know everything. They’ve been around forever. So those guys are an important voice to be heard by the community and also to be part of our council to create some kind of voting system, to create a democratic system to resolve the problems which are still to come.

The Development Council is different. The guys don’t have the senior aspect of being masters, but they have three, four schools. They’ve been around. They participate, very active in tournaments. They bring a lot of guys to compete. So their force is in the community, in terms of generating competitors and also understand the motion of Jiu-Jitsu, the growth of the students, the diminish of…

So they know everything about class programs, what has worked, what has not. So they can facilitate, and also they can speak to the community about what is really functional for the sport.

Tomorrow: Rickson explains his vision for the BJJ community.

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