Caio Terra- The Use of Steroids

Caio Terra- The Use of Steroids

It was just two weeks ago that Caio Terra once again added another pan am title to his already impressive resume. After his amazing performance, during an interview with, Caio made a strong statement that sent shockwaves throughout the jiu-jitsu universe concerning the use of steroids. In this interview we sit down with the man behind this controversy as he discuses how the use of steroids ruin our sport.

Steroids have been an issue that has never been touched on in our sport, what was your reason for touching on the issue at the pan ams?
Caio: I wanted to win and still talk about it. Cause if I have lost and said something they would call me a bad loser. The thing is that this has been going on for years and the only few people who doesn’t do it are scared of touching this subject. I had my car all scratched after the tournament and got threaded by many people.

What was the automatic response you got from your fans and peers? Read More

Caio:All the people who doesn’t do it are willing to collaborate and even donate money for testings. The ones who use it are having “roids rage” and attacking me.

[social][/social][einset][/einset]How bad does the use of steroids play into our sport?

Caio: I can’t say it for sure, it’s hard to say without me been able to prove. But in the 2010 Worlds I am pretty sure that at least 75% of the black belts finalists were using some kind of steroids, that include both male and female divisions. It’s getting to the point that in the juvenile division the kids have been taking something. A lot of the guys who didn’t use to take anything are taking now because they feel that they won’t win without it, since everyone else is doing it too.

When you think of competitors using steroids what are some of the thoughts that come to mind?

Caio: I think they are doing things to win in the sport, while I was teach that Jiu-Jitsu was a Martial Art. A Martial Art that would make me grow as a person and become a winner in Life. My goal is to be a champion in Life, that’s what I teach my students from the youngest to the oldest, the tournament is just a way to improve my techniques.

Why do you think drug testing has never been enforced in bjj?

Caio: Testing is very expensive and I have been told by many people that tests are easy to fake, so they don’t want to just give away money although I still think that some people will make mistakes, and those will have to pay for it.

caioterra-dvdIf a drug test would take place how do you think it will effect the landscape of our sport?

Caio: Many who do it will end up passing. Some will get caught. People who get caught should be ashamed of their-selves.

For those that get caught, what do you think the consequences should be ?

Caio: They wont be able to compete for a long time, that’s the position that the International Federation gave me.

How would it affect well know grapplers reputation, if they were using steroids?

Caio: I don’t, we will have to find out that.

What do you have to say to the people who support what you said?

Caio: We will get there before they can imagine. We will make it happen!

What do you have to say to people who disagree with your views?

Caio: Stop taking steroids, abusing your body of drugs and join me!!!

Finally do you have any advice to all the competitor out there?

Caio: Technique is everything, when I see someone saying that they lost due to strength I laugh, even though it does make a big difference, you lose because your technique wasn’t good enough to match his/her strength. The more you train, the more you drill, the better you will be.

Do you have any special thanks before we wrap up?

Caio: – my dvd just came out. 100% technique – ZERO strength.
Thanks everyone supporting our movement!!!

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