Grappling Dummies: Providing A BETTER Way To Train


Have you ever trained using a grappling dummy?  If not, then why?

When you really sit back and look at these wonderful training tools, it’s easy to see why so many people find the benefits in them and how they can improve your MMA game rapidly!

Between putting an emphasis on your skills and fighting game, there are also other benefits that come with training with grappling dummies.


How MMA Fighters Can Benefits From These Tools

Training for any sport can be what makes you great that should come as no surprise.  However, in a sport such as Mixed Martial Arts, which is an ever evolving sport with each passing day, how do you find the edge that other fighters don’t have?

By bringing a grappling dummy into your training mix, you’re adding something that provides you the opportunity to continue training for specific techniques, but also allows you to slow it down and really master the skill you are targeting.

For instance, grappling dummies can be excellent for practicing your throws.  Sometimes in live training, it can feel awkward training with another human, because throwing someone doesn’t always feel normal, but with a dummy, you are able to work yourself out of that awkward stage, and into a more comfortable feel than you otherwise would.

Also, it allows you to be able to literally stop right in the middle of specific reps and see what you may be doing right or wrong.  By having this luxury, you can start to find the holes in your game, and you can now start working towards those issues in order to become a better grappler than you would have been without the dummy.

A great Training Dummy we highly recommend is the Submission Master. Grab your dummy through this link and you’ll never want to go back to training without one!

The Added Benefits of Using A Grappling Dummy

Not only are you able to work on your overall grappling game—in this scenario as we already discussed, we’d be focusing on your throws—you are getting much more than just the added skills to your arsenal.

Most of the grappling dummies out there on the market are pretty life like, both in terms of limbs and weight!  If you’ve ever seen one of these bad boys laying around your gym but never used it, go ahead and give it a lift next time you see it…you may be surprised as to how heavy they can be!

You can imagine that after throwing these guys around a few times, that weight really starts to add up!  The first few sessions you use it, you may have some problems with it after a few reps—and will likely be a little sore the next morning—but you’ll soon realize that all of a sudden it isn’t so bad anymore, and you’re rag dolling that sucker all over the gym!

Having a grappling dummy is something that provides two benefits in just one tool.  I’m an advocate for strength training with a purpose, and using a grappling dummy is something that delivers that purpose!

You’ll develop some great strength and conditioning, but you’re also pinpointing specific skill driven needs that will help you evolve inside of the cage.  At the end of the day, by adding muscle to your frame and improving upon your skills, the evolution is truly something you need.

Dan Faggella

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