Gi Review: Flow Kimonos Classic A3L

Gi Review: Flow Kimonos Classic A3L

In the interest of full disclosure, I really like Flow Kimonos and have since I saw their website for the first time.  A year or so ago Jonathan sent me a test sample of an unbleached hemp gi.  I beat the heck out of that thing and it’s still holding up great.  Six months after that I got my hands on their ultra-light Pro Series (the lightest gi that I own) and finally a few months ago I was sent the Classic.  Before getting into the review itself it’s worth noting that I still have and use all 3 of my Flow Kimonos.  In the last few years I’ve had a few dozen gis but these three are going to be in closet for a long time to come.  This review is going to be a lot different than my normal reviews, it will be very heavy on pictures.  I hope you like it.


Notable Stats:
The Classic Series gi is a pre-shrunk 550gsm gold weave gi that is available from Flow Kimonos in three colors (white, blue and black) and in traditional, slim & husky cuts.  As a lanky guy their slim cut fits me very well and so far all three of their A3Ls have had the same cut.  Flow is one of the few companies that I recommend on a regular basis to those looking for non-traditional sizes.

The gi has all of the standard features regarding quality stitching, reinforcements and well sewn embroidery.  Two things that do set it apart are that it’s made in China (the gi is priced very well for one made in China) and that is still using a cloth drawstring.  I like that it’s made in China and the drawstring not so much (but it does work).  All the pictures were taken in the last few weeks. I wash and dry this gi every time that I wear it.  For washing I use a gentle cycle and cold water, for drying I use low heat and dry it completely.  If I’d wanted to keep it a little longer I would have skipped the dryer to stop shrinkage.

Flow Kimonos Classic Jacket 

Flow Kimonos Classic Pants


Flow Kimonos Classic Jacket Collar

Flow Kimonos Classic Jacket Lapel

Flow Kimonos Classic Jacket Cuff

Flow Kimonos Classic Jacket Skirt Embroidery

Flow Kimonos Classic Pants Cuff

Flow Kimonos Classic Pants Waist

Wrapping It Up:
Jonathon & Flow Kimonos make great gis and have great service for their customers.  If you’re a Redditor you’ve probably seen more than one thread from a satisfied customer and you’ve seen Jon on there as well.  As I said before I’ve had 3 of his gis, I’ve kept all of them and still wear them all on a regular basis.  That may not sound like a big deal but I’ve had about 2 dozen gis over the last few years and these are 3 that I’ll never part with.  The Classic Series gi (154.99 for blue) is a very comfortable, durable option and ideal for someone that is looking for that workhorse gi.  Check them out at their Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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