Gear Review: Hylete Convertible Backpack

Gear Review: Hylete Convertible Backpack

Train to push yourself both mentally and physically; Compete to improve yourself, as well as those around you; and Live to be healthy in mind, body and soul.  Hylete

You may remember Hylete from our review last year of their Compete 1.0 shorts.   Since then I’ve become a regular customer buying their shorts, compression gear and even a shirt for my oldest.  In July they added a gear bag to their product list.  The bag is a voluminous backpack that can be converted to shoulder strapped equipment bag for extra storage.  The bag has: a shoe locker, wet storage area, tablet sleeve, side-pocket cooler, metal buckles and comes with a 2 year warrantee.  As a bonus to our readers please use the code: LEGENDS25 to get 25% off this or any Hylete product.


A backpack is a backpack, right?  Maybe not.  I beat my gear up pretty badly.  Partly because I review it and also because I’m just not careful (I’ve been known to break bag buckles by shutting my car door on them). I was sent this backpack at the beginning of July and have been using it daily ever since.  The characteristics that I noticed immediately: very good looking bag, metal buckles, kind of heavy and huge storage capacity.  The pack easily and quickly converts to a duffle bag which adds a separate compartment for shoes and some other accessories.  You can still use the backpack straps when this compartment is expanded.  [Editor’s Note: The bag has 3 gis, a tablet, full NoGi gear, a belt and some other random things in it for all of these pictures.]

hylete backpack front            hylete backpack side

hylete backpack buckles            hylete backpack zippers

The interior of the main compartment has a padded sleeve for tablet/laptop, a pocket specifically for glasses and a small clear plastic pocket.  The compartment itself can hold up to three A3 gis.  The outside of the bag has a separate compartment for sweaty clothes.  This pocket can be expanded outward to hold a gi, shorts and compression gear.  The backpack is flanked by storage pockets on each side.  One of the pockets is insulated and can be used a cooler.  These pockets worked well for by belt, water bottle and miscellaneous gear (tape, keys, wallet, phone & mouthpiece) that I wanted to keep handy.

hylete backpack inside            hylete backpack insulated pocket

hylete backpack wet compartment            hylete backpack shoulder strap

If needed there is an additional compartment that can be expanded at the base of the bag.  This area has a shoe locker and two more segregated areas for other gear.  The pocket is normally reserved for when it’s been converted to a duffle bag but you can still use the backpack straps if wanted.

hylete backpack fully extended            hylete backpack extra storage

Test Run:
It holds a lot of gear.  More than I take to the gym actually.  I routinely have everything I need for two separate classes in it.  All of my gi stuff, all of my NoGi stuff and all the accoutrements of takings two kids to the gym (wet wipes, extra clothes, etc…).  Based purely on storage this bag is definitely bigger than Modern Flow’s bag and a bit larger than Origin’s Mundial (especially when the expandable compartments are used).
The buckles are metal, the straps have all been heat sealed and the zipper ties are solid.  Those are the three things that I usually break and I don’t see them being an issue with this bag.  The comments that I’ve seen from Crossfit users on the bags quality has been universally positive.
The feature that I thought I’d never use but really like is the insulated side pocket.  I’ve made recovery drinks (cold water and some ice) come back to them in 2 hours and they’re still cold.  Chugging a room temp recovery shake after training can be pretty unappealing and now that’s a thing of the past.
Outside of training the bag is big enough that I use it for work travel (and is subtle enough that I don’t get “you train UFC?” comments when my co-workers/clients see it).

Special Consideration:
The 2 year warranty really sets Hylete apart.  Gear isn’t cheap and I’m sure that everyone has wished they had an extended warranty at some point.  Hopefully you’ll never have to use it but it sure is nice that it’s there.

Wrap Up:
For those with the means, it’s $120 (after a 25% discount using LEGENDS25 coupon code), I’d recommend this gear bag,.  What you’ll get is a high-end gear bag that will serve you well for all your training and travel needs.  The warranty also insures that you’re not going to have to worry about buying a replacement anytime soon.  The bag is available in 9 different color options.

Be sure keep on eye on Hylete’s Facebook page where they regularly have sales and coupons to take some sting out (and they combine with our discount).  You can also follow them on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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