Hemp Sensation Rash Guard Review

Hemp Sensation Rash Guard Review

Where to begin with this alternative material rash guard…
For one, the cut and fit of the rash guard is wonderful. I’m sure I’m not only grappler annoyed by rash guards that roll up and expose our bellies and get stuck up there. In my opinion submission fc hit the mark with the fit.
I’ve worn the rash guard as much as I can, both with and without the gi. And so far, the rash guard’s construction has held up well. The logos, being sublimated, is there to stay.
Now the aesthetics of the the rash guard are crisp and clean. The only thing I was confused by was the design around the logo. For the longest time I thought that it was the ink bleeding on the rash guard. It wasn’t until after a friend reminded me of the rash guards material, the cloud around the logo finally made sense. However, it is a bit of an eyesore. It makes the otherwise great rash guard appear imperfect. Overall, the rash guard is great. It fits well, and other than the ink bleed cloud, looks sharp.

On their website this rash guard is $59.95 http://www.submissionfc.com/rash-guards


– 80% Hemp / 20% Lycra
– White With Green Contrast Stitching
– Sublimated Printing. Designs will never crack, peel or fade away.
– Anti-Bacterial, Moisture Wicking & Odor Resistant Technology
– Extra Long to Prevent Ride Up
– SPF 50+ For Protection in Outdoor Use
– Long Sleeve
– Awesome Fit
– Pre Production Model – Quantities Limited

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