Interview with Bia Mesquita 2013 Pan Absolute Finals

2013 Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championships

Bea Mesquita vs Gabi Garcia in the Absolute Semi-Finals

Gabi Garcia is larger than many women and has an incredible base of strength which makes her a force in the absolute division. It can lead to fights of strength vs technique. And in most instances Gabi comes out on the winning side. Bea Mesquita, 2012 Pan Champion in the the lightweight division is fighting out of her weight class against Gabi Garcia in the 2013 Pan absolute finals tomorrow. They have fought several times and Bea keeps changing her game to adapt to the strength and size of her opponents in the open division. Tomorrow she needs to get through Gabi, to win the Absolute Division title. Kris, from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Legends Magazine, talks with Bea about Gabi and her strategy tomorrow.

Kris: Many women will not fight in the absolute division if they think they are going to meet Gabi in the brackets. What is going through your mind when you put your name on the paper to fight in the Absolute Division?

Bea: I’m not afraid of her, I think she is fine. Black belt girls fight like it’s their job. These girls are always training for the fight. If they are not rolling hard they are training for position. My fight against her is as difficult as it is against anyone else. I put my name in there, and I have to fight her, just as anyone else will. Everybody has a chance to win.


Kris: You are a new black belt, you got your black belt last year.?

Bea: 2 years ago, 2011.

Kris: Have you fought Gabi before? How many times?

Bea: Yes, 10 times I think, a lot.

Kris: When she puts on the side control, will she put her whole weight on?

Bea: [laughing] yes, oh yes. Her great positions are because she can put a good amount of weight on her opponents. She attacks good – the Americana. She puts the weight on, and it would be good for her to use it well.

Kris: When you are going with Gabi, should you pull guard?

Bea: I tried many things because we fight a lot. I’m always changing. We always have to try new things. If you are losing it’s because you are not trying new things and getting better. It’s never the same.

Kris: Does she use strength or technique?

Bea: Strength definitely. She’s really strong. She has the same strength the man have. Nobody has her strength, even in the open class. I think her strength is like Buchecha.

Kris: Thank you Bea and the best of luck to you tomorrow.
Bea: Thank you.

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