BJJ Lifestyles Tuxedo Rashguard Review


“Daddy, that’s what you wear when you wanna be fancy” Lilly Corley, kindergartener and BJJ fashion expert.

There are times when we take ourselves (a little too) seriously and then there are times when we just want to have fun. Hell, there may even be times when an impromptu roll may break out in the middle of a black tie dinner. For those of you that have ever found themselves in either of the latter two situations here’s a rashguard for you, the BJJ Lifestyles’ Tuxedo Rashguard. Conveniently offered in traditional black, blue, powder blue, orange and with or without cumber bun.  With so many options surely you can find just the right rashguard for your next formal event (if it’s good enough for Brian Wilson it’s good enough for me).

BJJ Lifestyles is the company that is responsible for the BJJ rank belts that can be worn with jeans as well as a full line of t-shirts, hoodies and other clothing.  Be sure to get out the full review for a 15% off coupon code.




A – Wingspan


B – Length


C – Waist







Something that really stood out to me (after getting over the graphic) is that it would have been easy For BJJ Lifestyles to make these as a novelty product but they didn’t. Instead they chose to make something that is fun while also being a well-constructed rashguard that will hold up to using it for its intended purpose. The rashguard itself is made of a lightweight 80/20 blend of polyester and Lycra with triple stitched seams. For BJJ Lifestyles generally recommends going up a size so I got the XL but after wearing I think the L would have been a little better for me because of my build and also because I prefer rashguards to be tight. The overall weight of the rashguard is light and offers very little compression. Due to its lightness it does work very well under the gi and I’ll definitely be including it for that in my normal rotation. The overall length of the torso and sleeves was more than sufficient for someone my height (6’4”) and I didn’t notice it riding up while rolling in it.

While rolling the rashguard did exactly what it was supposed to do. It was comfortable, didn’t ride up and wasn’t too warm, even when it was under my gi. Several of my teammates stopped to comment on it and the general consensus was that they liked it. The stitching and construction compares very favorably to other rashguards in the $30 to $40 range. Many of those have sloppy stitching and tend to fall apart after a dozen or so washes.

Final Thoughts:

BJJ Lifestyles has made a novelty rashguard that is more than just that. It is quite functional and, well-constructed. The seams are all top notch and should hold up well to heavy use and repeated washings. It fits the long and lanky very well and is light enough to be worn under a gi. The rashguard is currently priced at $39.99 but Luke was kind enough to give us this code: BJJCARD for 15% off any purchase. For me this will be a regular part of my uniform, especially in the kids’ class since they got a kick out of it.


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