Grappler Spotlight: Dan Sawmiller

The sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has comes a long way since its introduction in the U.S nearly two decades ago. Still evolving the BJJ world is now populated with many grapplers aspiring to cement their legacy as the next generation of trendsetters of this great sport.

Apart of this epidemic is Triangle Club BJJ blue belt Daniel Sawmiller. A seventeen year old prospect hailing from Lima, Ohio his Witt, consistency, and hardcore devotion to his craft have been the key components that have contributed to his progression and triumphant victories throughout the Midwest grappling scene which sparks as the true mark of a potential future star in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Introduced to the art nearly 2.5 years ago after watching countless hours of the UFC it wouldn’t be until an intriguing interaction with a friend that would further promote his enthusiasm for participating in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu field. Accepting the offer by the friend to try out a class from his first viewing of the practice at Jeremy Harris’s Triangle Club it was in that moment in time where Sawmiiler found his true calling in life.

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[social][/social]“I met a friend at youth group one day who thought he was tough because he trained in BJJ. Having seen MMA fights before, I thought I had the skills to take him on but I got completely destroyed and seen that it was the real deal. Then he proceeded to invite me to class. I fell in love from the first night just watching the class.”

Small in stature at 149 lbs., Sawmiller’s early stages would find the teenager undergoing a difficult process in his development. Nevertheless traveling down this rough path he would gradually harness the true essence of what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is all about by relying heavily on utilizing technique over brute strength.

Being that “The Mat” is the major spot of wisdom and knowledge there is not secret where you will find Daniel Sawmiller at. Learning, Practicing, and Sparing is all part of his daily grind. Training consistently from the time the doors open until closing time his passion for grappling is felt throughout the academy by his instructors and teammates. Seeing his commitment first hand fellow teammate Brian Littlefield is a testament to Daniel’s hard work ethic he puts into what he does.

[bjjad][/bjjad]“I respect the kid a lot because he’s making all the right decisions I never did at that age and I can see him making a name for himself in the scene in the next few years, “Littlefield said. He’s always at class an hour early asking others to join trying to get extra mat time in and always stays to mop the mats every night when others seem to dip out. He’s by far the most dedicated youth we currently have training here in Lima, Ohio”.

Striving for improvement competition has been a great outlet for Daniel to put his skills to the test while also making a name for himself in his area. Engaging in many battles with various tough opponents competing has been the primary source which has helped Sawmiller opened his eyes to the infinite possibilities he has in improving as a BJJ practitioner which has rewarded him with many grappling championship titles along the way.

“Competing for me has always been a thing of getting better and seeing where I’m at in the world standings. Mainly, I just love competition; it‘s why I train, why I learn, and what my heart beats for. It has given me a greater perspective on where I need to improve.”

With many accomplishments already under his belt, Sawmiller has his sights set on the long endless voyage ahead. His future goals include: ambitions of getting his black belt, becoming a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, and overall experiencing all the enjoyable things the BJJ lifestyle has to offer.

 “My goals are pretty basic to the sport: few world titles, earn my black belt, and leave a mark on the Jiu-Jitsu world forever. Really at the end of the day all I want to do is improve my game; I know that gets me closer to all of my goals. I long to compete in some ADCC tournaments; it’s a dream of mine to make money and travel doing what I love. There will never be an end to my journey, only new steps up an endless ladder.”

Dan Sawmiller’s Special Thanks: Much thanks goes to my teacher, Jeremy, my family, all my sparring partners, and my Lord Jesus Christ! Couldn’t have done it without ya’ll thanks!

Multi- time Ohio Grappling Challenge Medalist
Chicago Summer Open 2011 Gold Medalist
Chicago Winter Open 2012 Silver Medalist
Multi-time Buckeye Border Medalist
Multi-time Toledo BJJ Open
Michigan Jiu-Jitzu Championship Bronze Medalist
Multi-time Battle Zone Champion

Triangle Club BJJ Academy
The Family Fitness Center
2296 Elida Rd
Lima Ohio 45805

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