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With the rapid rise of mixed martial arts advancing in recent years it reached a level of popularity that has gained the support from people worldwide inspiring many to embrace the fighting lifestyle. One major group that supports the sports movement is the United States Armed Forces faction. With many servicemen going on to establish successful careers in the sport, mixed martial arts has served as a development tool to help warriors prepare for the ultimate clash in their military endeavors through various martial art competitions while enjoying their experience at the same time.

Located on the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, California is an elite group of marines and sailors combatants. Looking to take their crack at exceling their skills and making their presence felt in the fight world is the proud members of the Fight Club 29. Forming in the year 2005 the group was created from the sole desire of military’s eagerness to take part in mixed martial arts competitions. With an ever evolving roster changing over time due to military obligations, Fight Club 29 remains devoted towards their athletics aspirations finding time in their busy schedules to train 5 to 6 days a week to prepare themselves for the clashes they will encounter on the mat and in the cage.


Marine Corp and Navy fighters

[social][/social]The head instructor of The Fight Club 29 is recently retired U.S Marine Sergeant Major Mark Geletko. Serving his country proudly for over 26 years in the Marine Corps, he has participated in multiple combat tours with the 2nd and 7th Marines. In addition to his combat experience he has taken part in two drill instructor tours and has spent time as a Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor/Trainer and Primary Marksmanship Instructor during his tenure. He would go on to finish his career as Sergeant Major of 3rd Bn, 4th Marines later relocating to the Headquarters Bn, MCAGCC, in Twentynine Palms, California where he is now the team manager, head instructor and administrator of the Fight Club 29.

In addition to his managerial roles with prior experience in Boxing and Muay Thai he also serves as the striking coach helping practitioners develop their skills on the feet. Helping his team to become complete fighters at Fight Club 29 are Geletko’s assistant coaching staff in the former Marine sniper Tom Eaton teaching the wrestling and Ian “Doc” Lawler serving as the Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach each bringing years of experience to help better the team.

“Our goals as a coaching staff are to continue to prepare these fighters for victory in the Pankration/Combat Grappling National Tournament, The USFL Spartan League, and the Armed Forces Pankration/Combat Grappling Championships this year. We will also train to continue to compete in no gi submission grappling tournaments and USA Boxing events. We strive to make our athletes complete mixed martial artists and champions in several different venues.”

Since it competition team’s emergence in 2007, as a collective unit The Fight Club 29 have wreaked havoc throughout the combat sports circuit. They have placed in many tournaments in the grappling, Pankration, Boxing, and MMA sector of the fight game. Some of these events include Grapplers X, Grapplers Quest, California State Pankration Championship, and the Armed Forces Pankration Championship amongst many other well established tournament organizations.

Already getting off to a great start this year, Fight Club 29 looks forward to continuing their successful run through the grappling and mixed marital arts circuit showcasing to the world what the proud Marine Corp and Navy fighters are all about.

“What separates our team from the other MMA clubs in Southern California is the fact that all my guys are combat veterans of either Iraq or Afghanistan and continue to train for the next deployment in their Marine Corps or Navy jobs, “Geletko said. Then when their lunch break comes around or their work day is over they hustle to the gym and train for the next show or tournament. These are the most dedicated young men I have ever been around, both in their military careers and in their quest to be mixed martial arts champions.”

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