ADCC 2011 66kg Live Update

Mendes, Hall, and Corinha take the Mat at the ADCC

ADCC are off to a great start with the 66KG weight class.

In an uneventful match, Justin Radar won over  Timo-Juhani Hiryikangas.

Rafael Mendes and Bruno Frazatto faced each other on the mat. Off the mat as training partners they proved just as good for a match up.   Inevitably the 50/50 appeared with rampant footlocks, Mendes comes out on top with back control in points.


[social][/social]Robson Moura vs. Gregor Forcel, with extreme aggression from Robson and a tightly placed guillotine Forcel seemed to be in tapping mode.  Just when we thought the tap was coming he escapes.  Then with good form Robson excutes a back mount and Forcel counters with a take down.  Robson comes out the winner on points and clearly managed Focel through every position.

Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles vs. David Marinakis.  They start in half guard with Cobrinha passing and into side-control.  Suddenly Marinakis is in Cobrinha’s triangle and he’s fighting to get out.  Cobrinha, rolls over to a mounted triangle and Marinakis is finished.

Ryan Hall vs. Tetsu Hadairo, who appeared in a space suit for flash. Ryan broke the silence with a heel hook, then a footlock, and several leg locks agains Tetsu. At one point Ryan pulls a triangle and Tetsu slams him to escape.  Hall executes back control into a rear naked chock (RNC).  Ryan Hall wins on points over Tetsu.


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