ADCC 2011 Semifinal Results

ADCC 2011 Semifinal Results

Semifinals Ending Strong at the ADCC 2011 in England

ADCC is coming to a strong finish. The semifinals are ending and there’s a lot of action on the mat.

>99 kg Mens

Roberto Cyborg Abreu vs. Gerardi Rinaldi

Cyborg wins in seconds with a footlock.  Cyborg takes the Bronze.

[social][/social]Xande Ribeiro vs. Antonio Peinado

Xande Wins the Bronze over Peinado, lots of stand-up – shooting for the single, double leg.  Tired competitors finalally end in regulation time.

< 88 kg Mens

Lovato Jr. vs. Pablo Popovitch

Lovato nursing an injury from a previous fight.   Popvitvh with a pass for 3 ponts winning the Bornze over Lovato.

< 77 kg Mens

Kron Gracie vs. Claudio Calasans

Kron wins with a guillotine over Calasans – Kron wins the Bronze.

< 66 kg Mens


Rafael Mendes vs. Robson Moura:

Mendes Wins on Points.  A 0 – 0 stalemate with Mendes active, finally Mendes passes into side control

Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles vs. Jeff Glover

Glover with a couple of shoot ins and possible take downs, but nothing holds.  Cobinha went for a back mount and missed, Glover then with a sweep and possible knee bar but Cobrinha counters and still no points.  As the fight moves on, Cobrinha manages to scrore 6 points through passes.

Rafael Mendes and Cobrinha meet in the Finals

Glover wins over Moura for the Bornze.


For 3rd place, Womens > 60 kg

Penny ThomasPenny Thomas vs. Ida Hansson

Ida wins over Penny for the bronze, Penny suffers knee injury.

For 3rd place, Womens < 60 kg

Luanna Alzuguir vs. Hashi Takayo

Luanna finishes Takayo with a Kneebar for the Bronze medal.

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