ADCC 2011 Update Semi Finals

ADCC Rundown

The ADCC 2011 Semi finals are looking hot. From Nottingham, England we’ve seen some great fights and match-ups you won’t see anywhere else. Next we have the Absolute division and Renzo Gracie and Mario Sperry hit the mat in their Superfight prior to the Absolute finals. Here’s a run-down on the fights remaining:

ADCC Semifinals:

<66 kg

Rafael Mendes x Robson Moura
Rubens “Cobrinha” x Jeff Glover



<77 kg

Marcelo Garcia x Kron Gracie
Claudio Calasans x Leo Vieira

<88 kg

Pablo Popovich v Andre Galvao

Rousimar Palhares v Raphael Lovato Jr

<99 kg

“Xande” Ribeiro v Joao Assis

Rodolfo Vieira v Dean Lister

> 99 kg

Fabricio Werdum v Roberto “Cyborg”

Vinicius Magalhaes x Gerardi Rinaldi

<60 kg Women

Luanna Alzuguir x Michelle Nicolini
Kyra Gracie x Hashi Takayo

> 60kg Women

Gabrielle Garcia x Penny Thomas

Ida Hanson x Hannette Staack

Superfight Renzo vs Sperry

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