Pictures: Grapplers Quest Vegas 2011

Abboud Bedro of Artistic Shutter ( sent us some pictures from Grapplers Quest Las Vegas July 2011. He’s got lots so if you were there contact him and see if he’s got some of your match.

Official TEAM Results from 20th Grapplers Quest West Championships
Las Vegas, Nevada – July 9, 2011 – Hosted by Brian Cimins, CEO of The Grapplers Company, Inc.

1st place- Gracie Humaita (152 pts)
2nd place- Carlson Gracie (129 pts)
3rd place- Robert Drysdale (116 pts)
4th place- SBGI (108 pts)
5th place- Cobra Kai (91 pts)
6th place- Camp Pendleton (76 pts)
7th place- Paragon (52 pts)
8th place- Millenia (50 pts)
9th place- Gracie Arizona (49 pts)
10th place- BJJ Revolution (44 pts)

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