Gracie Barra, SWAT & Police

Gracie Barra instructors Ricardo Testai, Marcelo Lacerda and Bruno Rocha stopped by Buena Park Police Department to show members of the team a few BJJ positions.

Ricardo Testai, of Gracie Barra Anaheim Hills, use to teach Special Forces in Brazil. His experience translates sport Jiu-Jitsu to real world application.


When asked S.W.A.T. Team member Eric Burciaga if he would see hand-to-hand fighting within the year he said. “Most definitely. The bad guys don’t want to go to jail and some of those guys are learning this stuff. We need to learn it too.”

They learned breakfalls, defensive recovery from the ground, dogding a punch, takedowns, and a arm choke finish.

After the seminar the police officers got to go a few rounds with the Gracie Barra black belts. Everyone was sweaty and smiling. Only the black belts managed to get submissions.

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