Day 1, 2011 Results Abu Dhabi World Pro, No Gi

Day 1, 2011 Results Abu Dhabi World Pro, No Gi

No Gi started the World Pro off with the Jiu-Jitsu championships coming next week.  The No Gi competition, not originally included in the Pro, was recently added and offered competition to the ADCC grappling tournament that had been THE long standing No Gi competition to fight in.  Now the World Pro and ADCC trials go side by side sometimes around the world and the competitors need to choose which to attend.

This time with the ADCC finals in September, and in the UK.  Compeitors can easily swing going to each if they manage the trials well.  The World Pro’s first days was set with excitement.  Rodolfo Vieira moved to the finals in the Absolute and his division.  Rodolfo will not have it easy as he faces Rafael Mendes of ATOS.  This match up will be a stregnth vs technique battle as Rodolfo weighing in at about 200lbs has over 55lbs on Mendes at 145lbs.

Read More, Final Match-ups, Comments from Mendes Brother and LLoyd Irvin…

[social][/social][einset][/einset]Raf has just a hard battle against his brother Gui in the Under 65 KG division finals on Saturday, where bother vs brother for the gold.

Via Facebook Pages here are comments from Mendes and LLoyd Irvin posts….

Mendes Bros page:

WORLD PRO 2011 NOGI: We are very happy, because today was a GREAT DAY! Frazatto, Ed and us closed the brackets!! It was awesome!! Tomorrow we (Gui and Rafa) will fight the final of the division! the greatest news of the day: RAFAEL IS IN THE OPEN CLASS FINAL tomorrow!!! He is gonna fight against Rodolfo Vieira. All our guys from Atos did very well! Special Congrats to Caporal and Davi for the -74 division! And Thank you all guys for the great support on the Open Class, the team fought together! Thank you guys! Thank you dear God.

worldpro-mendes2MUNDIAL PROFISSIONAL 2011 SEM KIMONO: Estamos MUITO felizes, porque hoje foi um otimo dia para nos! Frazatto, Ed e nos fechamos a categoria ate 65! Foi otimo!! Amanha nos ( Gui e Rafa) vamos fazer a final da categoria! e a maior novidade do dia: RAFA ESTA NA FINAL DO ABSOLUTO amanha!! Ele vai lutar contra Rodolfo Vieira. Toda galera da Atos lutou MUITO!! Parabens galera!! parabens especialmente Davi e Caporal por fecharem a categoria -74! E obrigado toda galera da Atos que lutou o absoluto, dando todo o suporte para chegarmos na final, somos um time e lutamos juntos! Obrigado galera! Obrigado Deus


Lloyd Irvin Page:worldpro-mendes

Team Lloyd Irvin Putting In Work in ABU DHABI- DJ Jackson is in the finals of his division and the Open division! Jimmy is in the finals of the Black Belt division! JT submits his first guy RNC, then beats Gilbert Burns 5-0(take down + guard pass) in 2nd match but gets injured and has to pull out taking 3rd. Pere gets DQ, waiting on Kenny’s results

Now a look at the Finals:

ABSOLUTE: Rodolfo Vieira x Rafael Mendes

U65KG: Rafael Mendes x Guilherme Mendes

U74KG: Davi Ramos x Rodrigo Caporal

U83KG: Vinicius Corrales x James Harbison

U92KG: Rodolfo Vieira x Rafael Lovato

Over 92kG: Xande Ribeiro x Jose Junior

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