Gracie Diet – Light Recipe Meal

Usually the Gracie’s eat one cooked meal and three fruit meals on a day. Each meal is served every 5 hours. Because they believe that is how long it takes to digest every meal.

[h3]Gracie Diet Light Meal[/h3]

Watermelon Juice, Saltine Crakers

Monterey Jack Cheese, Honey

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Watermelon Juice

Slice the watermelon removing the rind. Cut into chunks small enough to fit in the blender. We used a seedless watermelon but if your watermelon has seeds, it’s okay also. Blend until liquefied, just a couple of seconds. Strain through a Gracie Watermelon Bag. The Gracie Watermelon Bag makes a big difference. It removes the watermelon grit. The result is smooth and non-pulpy. The bag is not cheesecloth and is easy to clean and reuse. Rose suggests everyone to watch her brother Rener’s video that is both entertaining and very educational. ( – or just search “Rener watermelon juice” on

Crackers & Cheese

The second part of the meal is just as it seems. Rose served her Monterey Jack cheese graded with honey on top. She has the cheese graded because the Gracie’s use Monterey Jack cheese for several meals a day and it makes it much easier to use thru the day if the cheese is graded rather than sliced or whole. The honey is a nice touch after training hard when it seems you crave both sweets and carbs.
(Beware per Carlos Gracie Sr., honey dries up your skin)

Rose Gracie being a working mother of three and the wife of WEC fighter Javier Vazquez. The Gracie Diet is based on cooking from washed peeled fresh ingredients. One thing she always remembers is her grandfather Helio telling her, “Teaching your kids how to eat will be the best lesson you will ever give them”

Rose tries to use organic foods that she buys at local healthier markets such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, when she can, but sometimes uses frozen or ready organics juices. The best for you will be the fresh organic fruits and veggies.

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