2010 Pan Am Jiu Jitsu Highlights Pt 1

[h1]Alliance Team with the Novice Pan Am JiuJitsu Championship Win[/h1][bjj][/bjj][social][/social]

Alliance, gained great ground with their win and 40 points in the lead, followed by Gracie Humaita and in third Carlson Gracie.  In town [einset][/einset]include Fabio Gurgel (flying in from Bahrain and a week of Seminars), Cobrinha (who we are interviewing for the World Famous, BJJ Legends Mag & DVD) and Rafa Rosendo.

[h1]DJ Jackson wins Absolute Blue Belt[/h1]

This Lloyd Irvin BJJ team carried both 1st and second in the finals with a little dispute about the submission by Willian Leanard who was disqualified due to an illegal choke.  Lenard contested but in the end he stood as #2 – the two teammates swapped medals as DJ showed  what honor and competition is about in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

[h1]Women’s Division[/h1]

In the female division. Tracey Goodell, won at lightweight, by armbar against Maia Matalon, from ATT.

In the absolute purple belt, gold went to New York. Renzo Gracie Academy’s Kay Stephenson  over Ana Lowry, of Barbosa JJ

[h1]Academy results:[/h1]


1- Alliance
2- Gracie Humaitá
3- Carlson Gracie Team

Partial results:


1- Alliance – 49 pts
2- LLoyd Irvin – 27 pts
3- Gracie Barra- 13 pts


1- Lloyd Irvin -31 pts
2- Renzo Gracie – 28 pts
3- American Top Team – 21 pts

Master and Senior

1- Gracie Barra – 49 pts
2- Gracie Humaitá – 47 pts
3- Carlson Gracie – 32 pts

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