Rickson Gracie Seminars in FL & VA

Rickson Gracie Seminars in FL & VA

Rickson Gracie will be putting on a few seminars at the end of March so get your Wallets and Calendars ready.

[span class=”approved”]In Miami, Florida – Hosting via the Valente Brothers on March 27, 28.[/span]

When: March 27 2PM-6PM & March 28 1PM-5PM

Where: Valente Brothers – 3165 NE 163 Street – North Miami Beach

Cost: $200 per day

Registration: Valente Brothers students should register and pay by March 17. All other students should email us at info@ValenteBrothers.com.

Students from other schools are currently being placed on a waiting list and will be selected on a first come first serve basis.

[span class=”notice”]In Virginia @ Pedro Sauer Academy : Rickson Gracie Seminar MARCH 31 (Wed), 5:00pm – 10:00pm, $250[/span]

You MUST call Mike Horihan at 865-696-8000 to register. There will be no registering online. Starting Wed 3/10 we will allow registration for Purple and Blue belts as space allows.

If you are flying in, the airport closest to Sterling is Dulles. The address of the new school is:

Clocktower Plaza
46950 Community Plaza
Sterling, Va 20164

Details for lodging will be posted online shortly.

Professor Sauer would like to see as many of our Association Black Belts as possible. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend the opening of his new academy and rare chance to train under Rickson Gracie.

For more association news and seminar information, go to www.pedrosauer.com
phone: 800-209-6610 email: mhorihan@pedrosauer.com



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