2009 world Jiu Jitsu BJJ Championship Photos

2009 world Jiu Jitsu BJJ Championship Photos

2009 World Jiu-Jitsu Championships, Mundial (BJJ)

With some highlights and a well attended event:ibjjf

  • Soluco wins 4-0 over Tussa! 
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. wins his match against a Check Mat’s Joao Assis 5-2
  • Ary Farias is world champion
  • Kay Stephenson takes the female blue belt open class division, after 5 wins
  • Purple belt Hillary Williams takes middleweight gold
  • Rogerio Albuquerque (BTT) is blue belt absolute champion
  • James Puopolo submits Johannes Wieth and takes the superheavy weight gold
  • Lucas Rocha is purple belt middle weight world champion
  • Leo Nogueira is the 2009 brown belt absolute champion
  • Gracie Barra wins the International Novice Championship 2009

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