Marcelo Garcia on NY, Silva Fight & the Worlds

More interviews from the 2010 Pan Am BJJ Tournament.

Marcelo chats about his new academy in NY, designs on fighting in the worlds, his MMA career and anticipation about fighting in the Jiu Jitsu Worlds in June.

And check out for videos of Marcelo ‘s classes and BJJ techniques.

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  1. franck

    Thank you Guys for all the good stuff, but you don’t have to shoot the guys that close 😉

  2. ian

    Yeah the interviews are always shot too close! Zoom out and leave a bit of space between the top of the interviewee’s head and the frame

  3. BJJ Legends Mag

    Sure thing, We noticed the sound can be challenging, so we use a mic, so that keeps us close – we’ll back it up in the future. thanks everyone

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