Young & Gifted: Roberto Jimenez

Young & Gifted: Roberto Jimenez

To be young and gifted can be a blessing and a curse BJJ Legends interview with 15 year ole Roberto Jimenez of Team Gacho.

Young & Gifted: Roberto Jimenez, Alliance Team Gacho


“As our parents often say, share your God-given gifts and talents to help others”
Tiara Tanishq Abraham 7 year old college prodigies


To be young and gifted can often be a very lonely experience.  To be young and gifted at BJJ can be even more isolating.  It is not a universally known sport and when your peers are swinging bats and bouncing balls. While you are berimboloing and cross collar choking people it can be challenging to make the connections kids often make when discussing the things they have in common.  Alliance Team Gacho (4711 Louetta Rd Suite 114Spring, Texas) Green Belt Roberto Jimenez manages to make connections with ease.  His humble demeanor, amazing attitude, and reverent spirit make him a joy to watch on the mats and easy to be around when he is off.  Hard work has its own reward, Roberto has been working hard since he was 5 years old and he has reaped the benefits.  At 15 he has a very impressive resume and he is only in the beginning of his career.  

BJJL:  When did you begin your BJJ journey?

RJ:  My dad started jiu-jitsu before me and he decided to start making me train when I was 5 years old.

BJJL:  What is the first BJJ memory you have?

RJ:  I did not like jiu-jitsu. I would hide in the bathroom and the receptionists would call my dad and he would drive to the academy and I would get in trouble and he would make me go back onto the mat.

BJJL:  How much time do you spend training, what’s your regimen like?

RJ:  During school breaks I train 3 times a day and help my dad with the kid’s classes. During school, I do wrestling in the morning at school and train Jiu-Jitsu at night.

BJJL:  Do you have any other interests or hobbies?

RJ:  I really like cruising on my long boards and I am a big fan of Dragon Ball Z and Naruto.

BJJL:  Who are your role models in the BJJ World?

RJ:  There are so many, but the ones that influence me most are my dad, Lucas Lepri, Marcelo Garcia, Bernando Faria, Cobrinha, Buchecha and Leandro Lo.

BJJL:  What has been your biggest challenge since you began training?

RJ:  Making friends, because at school most of the kids if not all don’t know about jiu-jitsu.

BJJL:  What has been your favorite moment since you began training?

RJ:  When I met Buchecha at Pan Ams last year. Also, moments that I have shared with Lucas Lepri and Cobrinha when they  stayed at my house in Houston for seminars, it’s a blessing to get to know these guys.

BJJL:  You are a very humble competitor, your attitude is the epitome of NO EGO on the mats. Was that instilled in you from the moment you began your journey?

RJ:  Yes, my dad has always told me if you act well to others only good things can happen and always be humble.

BJJL:  Would you consider yourself a role model?

RJ:  Most role models have lived through a lot and can pass on their wisdom to others. I am very young so it’s hard to consider myself a role model. However, I am the professor’s son and a lot is expected of me, all the kids in our academy look up to me and at tournaments there are kids that come up to me so I try to always be respectful.

BJJL:  You are a 15 year old Phenom, what do you deem your most noteworthy accomplishments thus far in BJJ?

RL:  Winning kids Pans this year. I have been trying to go to the tournament for years but never had a lot of people in my division and this year being my last year competing as a kid in IBJJF I had the chance to go and accomplished my biggest goal as a kid.

BJJL:  You come from a VERY distinguished BJJ background (Alliance Team Gacho Black Belt Raul Jimenez & Brown Belt Gabriela Muller), how have they shaped your perception of BJJ?

RL:  They both kicked by butt when I was younger and my dad continues to push me to my limits with every roll we do.

BJJL:  You were recently inducted into the BFA Hall of Fame that is an AMAZING achievement. What did the induction mean to you, to your family?

RL:  We were all very happy and grateful but I like to not let titles and medals define who I am or get to my head. My dad has a saying, every tournament is a book, every time I win a tournament, just turn the page and move on to the next one.

BJJL:  At 15 you have competed in countless tournaments and faced some stiff competition, to include black belts. Tell me what it feels like to already be facing adult male black belts at your age?

RL:  I feel blessed that I can even compete with such high level adults. I like to push myself, win or lose. I try to look into the future and look not only in my divisions to push myself for my main goal.                                                                                           

BJJL:  2016 is right around the corner, what are your goals for the coming year?

RL:  Hopefully being able to do the grand slam, but definitely have PanAms, Worlds and whichever IBJJF Opens I can do.

BJJL:  What are your long term goals in BJJ?

RL:  Winning ADCC weight and absolute, winning WPJJC weight and absolute and winning worlds and Pans at each belt.

BJJL:  Is there anyone you would like to thank that has helped you along the way?

RL:  God, my parents and all the guys that I look up to osssssss

To be young and gifted can be a blessing and a curse.  You sacrifice, you do not live the normal life of other kids.  You push yourself to the limits because you are doing what you love.  You have milestones to achieve and as you reach them, you push harder, then move on to the next.  For Roberto Jimenez being young and gifted is an absolute blessing.  He is driven, determined, and inspirational.  His gift has been nurtured since he was a child and he is coming into his own.  His future in BJJ is luminous. 

“Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.”―Winston S. Churchill





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