Daily Rickson Interview Series 12 of 24: Jiu-Jitsu for everyone; Jiu-Jitsu is like a church

Today in the our Rickson Interview Series: Jiu-Jitsu for everyone; Jiu-Jitsu is like a church


BJJ Legends: So for you, Jiu-Jitsu then is for everybody, men, women, children.

Rickson Gracie: Yes, I feel Jiu-Jitsu more like, instead of sport, more like a religion because you can really interact in a sense where you develop in yourself as a God. You’re improving your patience. You improve your strategy. You improve your emotional control. You improve your capacity to handle pressure. So all those improvements make you feel enlightened and more capable to resolve the matters in your life. So I feel it’s a very positive thing. When you go to academy, for me, it’s similar to coming to a church because you just go for the self-improvement and become a better person.

Tomorrow: Rickson answers, What does BJJ offer to someone who has never had BJJ in their life before?

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