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Dream Champion Series Competitor -Travis Conley- The Hunger For Success

Life always seems to be the most challenging when an individual wants something. For many athletes in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu challenges aren’t hard to find as it definitely has its share of highs and lows one must encounter in hopes of achieving their goals. Nevertheless the risk is worth the reward because it makes one’s purpose that more meaningful when that mission is accomplished.

Renato Tavares Brown Belt, Travis Conley, is one competitor instilled with a burning desire for success. Opportunities have become fully available for this grappling practitioner from Kansas City, Missouri as he has uncovered remarkable talents within himself and achieve great feats in his nine year stint in the sport.

Conley’s next challenge will find him as a participant in the submission only Dream Jiu-jitsu Brown Belt Championship Series as he will be going head to head against some of the world’s top competitors with a $ 1000 cash prize on the line. But the threat of 31 tough opponents doesn’t seem to faze Conley has he looks to put on a Slobberknocker performance showcasing his standing as the Best Brown Belt in the world.

Why So Determined? What Make His Purpose So Significant? Why Even Fear Flees In his Presence?

Conley wasn’t hesitant to tell us why here at BJJ Legends as we get an in-depth look at what makes this competitor bound for success.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in BJJ?
Travis Conley: My start in BJJ came when I was rehabbing a very severed shoulder reconstruction surgery I suffered from years of professional wrestling. It took me almost a year, all of 2005, working to get back in the ring but one of my college buddies Mike Beyer (I was a junior at CMSU at the time) said, “Hey come roll with us and do some submissions” and I did, never looked back. During high school wrestling I was always getting unnecessary roughness and illegal hold calls and penalty points, so BJJ was a perfect fit haha. I only trained 1-3x a week and didn’t train in the gi for probably the first 3yrs, being a wrestler it took me a long while to grasp the concept and adhere to the jiu-jitsu lifestyle.

Reflecting on your journey thus far what do you feel has got you to where you are today?
Travis Conley: I think many factors play into what has taken me to this point so far. First, my coaches and teammates, KCBJJ. I have the best any human being could possibly want or ask for. Jason Bircher and Ethan Day were brown belts at the time I started, I train with Jason every day and Ethan has become one of my best friends and motivators. I can’t say enough about Renato Tavares, who is completely unselfish and giving, a beacon of a wholesome jiu-jitsu life.

Second and most prominent has to be tenacity. It’s hard for me to explain fully, but I know in my heart I’ve been blessed with something special, something different. We all have gifts and talents, and this is mine. My entire life I’ve always had this drive, a desire to be World Champion, to be different and not to be mediocre and that fire remains strong, grows stronger each day. I stay hungry, invite and seek new challenges and goals each and every year. I am always the underdog, as long as I can remember, but that role I don’t ever see changing and it’s who I am. In every situation or obstacle, against odds and opinions I find a way, never give up, never give in…It’s this in short that has taken me all over the world, training, competing, meeting all kinds of good people, and to where I am today.

You have made quite a name for yourself as a competitor in the Midwest and even the international circuit. How would you define yourself as a competitor?
Travis Conley: I am a fearless competitor. I want the biggest, baddest, best opponents on the planet. The bigger the name or challenge, the more it fires me up, charges me, makes me feel alive. I live for that feeling, the anticipation, the rush, build-up and moments right before a match…nothing else in the world compares. Historically there hasn’t been high-level BJJ in Kansas City or the Midwest, but definitely over past couple years it has emerged. People always say, “You can’t win a World Title living and training in the Midwest”. I don’t believe that, and I feel as a trailblazer of sorts for Kansas City. I’ve realized a lot of the things I’ve accomplished and I’m doing no one else has, there is no blueprint for me or anyone, and to me that’s exciting.

What has competing done for you?
Travis Conley: Competing keeps me going. I am a very goal oriented person, that’s never the problem but over the past couple years what I’ve realized above all is the inspiration and motivation what YOU do gives to others. I’m always taken back, in awe when people make comments to me, tell me they saw me at this tournament, or remember that fight, or follow me on social media and that what I’m doing motivates them. It truly is the most rewarding feeling, and I feel a deep sense of responsibility and duty that further motivates me! Competing is the ultimate test, physically, mentally; spiritually…you find out about yourself things you never would have. Step outside of your comfort zone. It’s one of the most important things we can do in life to help us to grow and learn.

Speaking of competition your next major battle finds you in the Dream Jiu-jitsu Brown Belt Championship Series tournament. How does it feel to be a part of this prestigious event with some of the best brown belts in the world?
Travis Conley: I feel fantastic. It’s an honor to be invited and to be among 31 other killers and to have your hard work and dedication recognized. Thank-you to Dan for reaching out to me, and to Raf for going above and beyond, sponsoring and making the trip possible. It’s amazing to be able to continue to represent Kansas City and KCBJJ. I feel every single time the whole city is with me, and that just empowers me beyond measure.

What do you feel separates you from the rest on the brown belt competitors?
Travis Conley: I pour my heart out every single time I step on the mat, and people recognize that. You can’t fake it. I can’t speak for the other competitors.
Will this be your first time in a no time limit Submission only event?
Travis Conley: This will be. I love it, I’ve always wanted to test myself with one and feel my style fits the rules and format. I’ve wrestled for hours before, and done crazy matches in professional wrestling, my conditioning is never an issue so I feel great, just excited.

How has the training been going for you preparing for this event?
Travis Conley: Training is always good. KCBJJ is building more and more monsters every month, it’s insane. I’m there every day, sometimes twice a day. I train clients full-time at my place, Underground Gym as well as run the company and work with online clients. I make time to hit my strength and conditioning workouts, sprints, drills, and yoga. I was in Florida training with Renato last week. Ethan comes to town often, or I make trips to Denver. I’m always getting good training, expanding, reaching out and learning from all my connections, bad asses from all over that I’ve met over the years.

Hoping to come out on top what would winning this tournament mean to you?
Travis Conley: MONEY IN THE BANK and another title to my name!

Finally as you journey continues what do see for yourself in the future?
Travis Conley: “The future is not set, there is no fate but that which we make” – Terminator 2: Judgment Day. I plan on continuing to carve a great future for myself and others en route to a World Championship. This year specifically I have goals on qualifying for ADCC and entering into a big IJF tournament as well. I see myself as being a feared opponent, putting people on notice!

Is there anyone you would like to thank before we close this interview?
Travis Conley: I have to thank my friends and family, brothers, my roots in Kansas. I love my city. My team KCBJJ and the RTBJJA. My sponsors Ground Control Fight Gear, iFlow, Elite Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, Defense Soap, Zen Zone Yoga, Underground Gym. I would honestly be nowhere without any of them, they back me and believe in me, they make these dreams I’m chasing possible. Last but certainly not least, I have to thank my beautiful girlfriend Laura who strengthens, inspires, and makes me a better version of myself every day!


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