Gabi Garcia’s and IBJJF Response to USADA Ruling

Gabi Garcia’s and IBJJF Response to USADA Ruling

Gabi Garcia
3:30pm PST near Jardim da Saude, Brazil
Sao Paulo, March 27th. 2014.

In will to provide further information, and in order to explain my situation about a notification, at the USADA’s panel, accomplished this Wednesday, march, 26th. 2014, regarding the presence of Clomifen, in a Urine sample provided by me, at the 2013, Worlds Championships – Long Beach / CA.

Despite all the ongoings, I coudn’t be happier with the results. One more victory in my career.

For months, I’ve been spending astronomical $ values, in wich I don’t have available, with the best attorneys in the sports business (Jorge Ibarolla e Claude Ramoni / Libra Law – Lausanne / CH), all that to make it clear my innocence. And I’m very happy to finally prove that. Together with USADA and my attorneys, for not acting negligent,for having no fault due to this contamination.

We’ve pulled up all data, and it was detected the presence of the substance due to contamination, during the manipulation process of a gynecological medicine.

For the uninformed, the substance, Clomifen, is not an steroid and does not even mascarate one. In the female body, it only not increase sports performance, but it only prejudices it. Womans get slower and sensible. Then, it makes it obvious of the ‘why’ not to be used.

During my career, I’ve Always had (have) all the caution possible with every single medication and supplements ingested by me. I’ve never utilized of illicit resource to increase my performance. I always fought and still fighting for a clean sport.

I believe that all athlete’s merit is the result of hard training, dedication and seriousness. My honesty is what took me to be the athlete and person I am today, and what took me to be the champion I am are, my will to be always the best I can to the sport, my family and the few friends I have always by my side. I don’t compete to collect titles, I compete to the growth of the female sport.

For my innocence and my absolution, warrior as I am, I wont be affected by any of the accusations and fingers pointing at me. I wont stop training hard, never surrendering because everything I’ve conquered was with my own sweat and a lot of training.

In any moment I acted with negligence or reckless.

One month and a half before the test, I’ve done one same test and resulted NEGATIVE, test wich was developed by USADA.
This result was a isolated fact. I develop periodic control tests, gather with my physiologist. I don’t ingest any kind of medication or supplement without be certified of the security of it’s use. Anywhere I am, I always take all my supplements and medications my self, all manipulated and of my own trust. I don’t buy anything for my use. Always consult my doctor about all everything I ingest, even my food.

I’m extremelly caution with this and absolutly sure that I’ve never done anything to increase my sports performance. If I had really ingested clomifen on purpose, I would be doing that to harm my own performance , and NO contious athlete would never do that.

Inspite of my idea that something odd happened, because IBJJF brought up a new weight category (Super-Heavy) just at the same day that I’ve been declared ‘ No Fault’ at the test,and simply BAN the anti-dopping test (until now at the PAN’MAS) on 2014, and not have tested some world champions, I WILL COMPETE at the WPJJC (in bu-Dhabi) and also WILL COMPETE at the WORLDS 2014. I’m 100% eligible to compete in any event in Internation/National character.

About my fans,friends and Family, now worries. ‘ Nobody throw rocks in trees that don’t grown good fruits’. To all that sent me and continue to send me affection messages, thank you so much.

Due to the respect, trust and regards I have for my fans, Family, friends and all the general Jiu-Jitsu community, I’m clarifying the situation.

Gabi Garcia

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Anti-Doping Results Updates for 2013 World Jiu-jitsu Championship
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While we are not a WADA Code signatory, IBJJF recognizes the importance of clean competition, and has taken an unusually proactive stance in implementing an anti-doping program on behalf of clean athletes and the integrity of our sport, which includes adherence to the WADA Prohibited List. No one ever wants to see a rules violation, but we are all committed to, and fully stand behind, the anti-doping program and what it represents for fair and honorable competition, and for clean athletes. In this case, it was determined through the full and fair legal results management process that there was a credible explanation for the presence of clomiphene in Ms. Gabrielle Lemos Garcia’s sample, and that the athlete was found not to be at fault. She has accepted the findings, and the loss of results will be carried out by the IBJJF. Her eligibility for competition has not been affected. We are committed to ensuring that our athletes, our sponsors, our fans, and all of those who love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can have the confidence that we will carry out the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

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As of this posting the 2013 Worlds results and the Ranking had not changed. Last I saw the points, Gabi was so far ahead it would not have affected her ranking.



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