Gear Review: Virus International Compression Shirt/Pants and Training Shorts

Gear Review: Virus International Compression Shirt/Pants and Training Shorts

You VS the World and Its Elements

If that sounds like you then Virus has you covered with some of the newest tech you can find in sport clothing. Just a quick look at their Technology Tab on their website or Facebook will show what this cutting edge group can put out.  Virus has also shown their love of BJJ and MMA by sponsoring top ranked fighters such as Cub Swanson and Jake Ellenberger.  A few months ago I was sent a set of their gear: shorts, compression shirt and compression pants to put thru its paces rolling and after just a few times wearing it I’m now fully converted to the benefits of compression gear.

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Men’s Stay Cool Tech Full Length Compression Pants (RX6) – Black with Silver

virus stay cool compression pants full

Right out of the bag the Compression Pants feel sturdy, with heavy duty construction throughout the pant. After heavy use I have not noticed any fraying or seams popping. There is silver lettering on the right thigh, left and right ankles, along the upper seam on the left hip.  The Virus “V” has silver stitching surrounding it along the left thigh, these spats have a great clean look. The lettering has held up well to the rigors of Jiu Jitsu, with only the small lettering on the left ankle starting to peel off (whether that’s from washing or all of the ankle locks I have seemingly had to defend I don’t know) [Editor’s Note: that’s what happens when you leave your feet dangling in front of me].

The spats offer a veritable smorgasbord of Tech ranging from Cool Jade, UV Shield, Quick Dry, Anti Odor, 4 Way Stretch and are partially made from recycled goods.   These are all pretty self-explanatory but I look at the website to learn more about Cool Jade.

”Cool Jade has been developed to reduce skin surface temperatures for use in high temperatures – resulting in a reduction of 6-10 degrees F, or 2 degrees C. Made by recycled Jade Shavings, the natural substance has been used in jewelry for centuries with adverse effect on the skin.” Virus

The fit on these was snug, I got them in Large, I was worried at first about ripping them when putting them on and getting them off, but I never had any problems. The spats also have a drawstring with a rubberized pattern along the ties to ensure a tight knot with no coming undone. The design has been made to focus compression along the whole leg back to the core. Wearing these under my Gi and under the Virus Airflex shorts I have noticed a significant amount of temperature decrease while training. As this is my first foray into compression I do not feel qualified to comment on the benefits to the legs during training and the bounce back after. I can say that I warm up quicker, and keep cooler throughout class which helps with me recover between rounds.

Men’s Stay Cool Long Sleeve Cool Jade Compression Top (Co6) – Black with Silver

virus stay cool long sleeve compression full

The Long Sleeve Compression Top follows suit with the bottoms in the construction and clean look, aesthetically completing a full body look when worn with the pant. Lettering on each wrist and a small Virus “V” on the back between the shoulders and right below the neckline on the front. Sporting a V-Neck with fabric between the lines of the V (so you don’t have the V-Neck look at practice but allowing the V-neck fit).  There is silver stitching on the left top which compliments the pant, keeping up the same design along this side of the gear pair. All of the outside lettering has kept well, but the inside tag has worn off at the neck line.

The top also sports all the same tech features as the pant.  It has been designed so the compression focuses from wrist to top of torso allowing for a less restricted range of motions. The fit was great along the core, shoulders, and especially the neck.  Some tops can feel very restrictive around the neck, the V-neck design allowed for more neck room and a noticeable “vent” for the upper body’s excess heat. The fit along the arms, as mentioned earlier, was very snug starting at the wrist up. I could see this becoming a potential problem for any BJJ athletes who may have bigger arms.

Airflex 4-Way Stretch Training Shorts – Black with Silver

virus airflex shorts

With a short inseam, outside leg splits, 4-way stretch and a lightweight construction the Airflex (available in Black with different accent schemes) is a great short with great construction. To me this is the icing on the cake (or the Cool Whip on the pie, whichever you prefer) to the Virus ensemble. Some of us, me for example, are not ready to go full spat. When you put this short on it’s almost as if they are not there at all. The snug fit, and the short cut really helps with range of motion.

Virus’ branding is the same as the other products, “AXFiT” is written along the rear portion of the right thigh, contrast silver piping along the left thigh keeping up with the silver stitching on both the Top and Bottom Compression Gear. A small zippered pocket is on the upper right thigh right below the band. The band is stretchy allowing for a little wiggle room on sizing. Two Velcro squares at the “Zipper” on the front coupled with rubberized laces keep the short firmly fitted along the waist. The washing info on the inside has kept up with the punishment of BJJ, along with all of the lettering/piping on the short.


Great construction, slick looking design, snug fit and the ability to warm me up but also keep me cool has greatly impressed me.  Plus it may or may not make you feel like a sexy ninja when worn all together.  The pants are $56.50 and the top is $48.00.  These are very good prices for quality compression gear and cheaper than a lot of the spats and rashguards out there that don’t offer the benefits of compression gear.  The shorts are $64.00 and more in-line with other premium training shorts.  If you cross train in multiple forms of exercise Virus Cool Jade Gear with the Airflex Short will be a great combo for you.  Be sure to follow Virus along at the website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to keep up with new products and sales.

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