Discount Code: Impact Mouthguards

My buddies over at Impact Mouthguards made a couple of guards for me recently. The deal was incredible. We all know how expensive custom mouthguards can be, but it’s definitely not as expensive as having to go to the dentist to get your grill fixed.

Here are the two guards I had custom made so you can see their work. One of a grill and the other is one with my Cauliflower Nation logo.

Impact Custom Mouthguards are designed specifically for athletes in contact sports. Your breathing won’t be obstructed as it is with a cheaper mouthguard and you’ll be able to speak clearly to your teammates during the heat of battle. Simply put a cheap boil and bite mouthpiece is not in the same league as an Impact Custom Mouthguard. When you put on our guard, you’ll be protected when the big hit comes.

Enter the word “GRILL” and get a BJJ Legends Magazine discount of $8 off the already low prices for a custom mouth guard

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