Review Hemp Ecstasy Gi: Women’s Prospective

Review Hemp Ecstasy Gi: Women’s Prospective

Hemp Ecstasy Gi Review by Jocelyn Chang, Brazilian Jiujitsu Black Belt of Let’s Roll Jiujitsu Academy, Torrance, CA

breastcancerawarenessI find it appropriate to review the Hemp Ecstasy gi by Submission Fight Company during October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I am not only a Brazilian Jiujitsu Black belt; I am also a cancer survivor.  During my bout with cancer, I learned the great benefits of Cannabis as an effective treatment to counter the side effects of chemotherapy.   While researching more about Cannabis, I began to learn about Hemp and what a fantastic fiber it is.   Hemp is strong, durable, breathable, and, anti-microbial.  When you read about Hemp, you learn that not only is it much better than cotton as a fiber, but, it is also much more environmentally friendly too.  So naturally, I was very excited to be asked to review the Hemp Ecstasy gi.Hempplant

Out of the bag I noticed that the build quality is very good.  Unlike many gi’s, when you look closely at the stitching, it is nice and even.  No loose stitching, or, tag ends anywhere.  Also, unlike some other Hemp gi’s I’ve seen, the weave is nice and tight like true gi material.  It’s nice to see someone is paying close attention to details that make a truly good gi.  After all, it’s equipment, not fashion.


DSCN0472 DSCN0476
New — Before washing Shrink to fit — After washing

I’m very petite, so one of my challenges is finding an adult female gi that fits me well and is not a child’s size (Kid gi’s tend to have a different cut, and, have kid related graphics on them).  Initially when I tried on the F1 Hemp Ecstasy gi, the cut of the gi was a little long in the sleeve and in the pant length.  The sleeve length with arms out, across the back, end to end was approximately 57 ½” and the pant length was about 33” along the side waist to bottom.  All the washes were done in cold water and hung dry. After a few washes the sleeve length shrunk up about 2 ½” each and 1 ½” on the pant leg.  The shrinkage turned out good for me because now it fits me just right.  The gi also felt softer after each wash and that is without using any fabric softener.  Most cotton uniforms are stiff and not very pliable when you hang dry.

I have been training BJJ for 20 years now, so I like to think I know what to look for when shopping for a gi.  In my opinion, I have found that the Hemp Ecstasy gi fulfilled the requirements that I look for.  Being that it is made with 70% hemp fibers, this gi was able to handle all the grabbing and pulling of my lapel, sleeve, and pant during my training sessions.  I can feel confident that it will provide me with a long lasting uniform since hemp is one of the strongest fibers.  It also felt comfortable with the ease of movement as I rolled.  I personally don’t like a gi that will chafe me, and, after each wash, the gi felt softer without the use of fabric softener.  Although the sleeves and pants shrunk up a bit, I was able to fit into it without any alterations. The cut is not too baggy and will fit a female nicely.  Also, if you are concerned about germs, because it’s made predominantly with hemp, it is naturally antimicrobial.  I just may have found my favorite gi.



The First Women’s Hemp Gi is …

    – Hemp Fabric Gi Top
    – White with Pink Contrast Stitching
    – Pre-Shrunk
    – Light 10oz Hemp Pants
    – New Embroidered Designs
    – Heavily Reinforced Stress Points
    – Pink Rope Draw String
    – 5 Draw String Loops
     – IBJJF Approved

And can be purchased here from Submission Fight Company:


Submission FC
19215 Parthenia st. Unit F
Northridge, Ca 91324
Phone: 818-668-3080






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