Gi Review: OSS the Wolf (A3)

Gi Review: OSS the Wolf (A3)

OSS made its intro into the BJJ clothing scene about a year ago.  In that short time they’ve developed a reputation for quality and exception customer service.  Their initial line up consisted mostly of BJJ-themed tees but it wasn’t too long before they begun to add kimonos.  OSS has two models to choose from, the Original (available in white, blue & black) and the limited edition Wolf.  The Wolf, $150, is a beautiful grey gi with accents designed by Seymour Yang, aka Meerkatsu, and the subject of this review.


The Wolf is a 550gm pearl weave jacket with heavy-duty ripstop pants.  It’s only available in grey and is a limited edition gi.  Seam tape has been used generously and there are two types.  The first is designed by Meerkatsu specifically for this gi.  This tape is inside the lapel and the arm cuffs.  The other seams are all covered with ripstop fabric.  The collar is foam-filled and covered in ripstop as well.  Black stitching is used throughout for a subtle contrast with the dark grey of the gi.  The seams and stress points are all well reinforced.  I saw no loose threads and the craftsmanship is consistently of high quality.

oss wolf jacket lapel              oss wolf jacket cuff

The jacket is a heavier pearl weave and sturdier than the typical pearl weave jacket.  The only patch is a small manufacturer logo on the bottom of the lapel and another inside the collar.  The jacket does an excellent job of using minimal embroidery to enhance the gi without overpowering it.  There is kanji embroidered in black on each shoulder.  The kanji means oshi shinobu, aka OSS.  “Persevere” is also embroidered in black script on the right side of the skirt.  The final embroidery is on the OSS logo on the back of the gi at the neck.  As mentioned earlier there is custom seam tape at the cuffs and inside of the lapel.  The satin tape has a stylized oriental-themed wolf and OSS on it.

oss wolf jacket shoulder embroidery               oss wolf jacket persevere

oss wolf jacket inside meerkatsu tape              oss wolf jacket back neck embroidery

I’m big fan of ripstop pants for two reasons.  The first is that they’re generally lighter in weight and second they don’t stick to my long legs as back as cotton.  The usual complaint about ripstop is that’s it’s not durable.  These pants are a heavier weight ripstop than what I usually see and still did a good job of not sticking to my lanky lower limbs.  The pants themselves are pretty straightforward: reinforced seams throughout, triple stitched cuff, 6 belts loops, a cord drawstring, a small manufacturer’s patch and one piece of embroidery on the upper right thigh.  The knee reinforcement extends the cuff.  Once again the focus is the gi and not the ornamentation of the gi.

oss wolf pants right embroidery               oss wolf pants left patch

oss wolf pants embroidery shin               oss wolf pants cuff

 Test Run:
The Wolf has held up very well during training and fits me very well.  The sleeves are probably a little too short for competition but the rest of the gi fits me very well (I’m 6’4” and 195lb in these pics).  I’ve rolled in it a half-dozen times or so and will continue to do after the review.  It’s sturdy without being too hot and everyone that’s I trained with has mentioned how much they like the gi.

oss wolf jacket full

oss wolf pants full

oss wolf sizing 

Special Considerations:
OSS has incredible customer service.  I generally get a response from Nick within 30 minutes whenever I asked a question and after doing a little research I’ve found that this is the norm for OSS.  Throw in quality products and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Wrap Up:
If you’re in the market for a grey gi this is one I’d recommend for to you consider.  The styling isn’t too flashy and really focuses on subtle details.  The quality of the gi is excellent and the cut is consistent with a competition gi.  The Wolf is sturdy enough for everyday training and should last you for quite a while.  While it’s not IBJJF approved (due to the color) it would be suitable for other organizations without that limitation.  At $150 the price is towards the low-end for a limited edition gi and priced to sell.

Be sure to check out OSS’ website, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for more information and product sales.

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