Super 8 Submission Series

Date: July 27 & 28 2013
Location:   5440 Vineland Avenue
                 North Hollywood, CA 91601
Description: A no-gi submission only tournament like no other. Our tournament format is unique.
In each division there will be a maximum of 8 competitors. These 8 competitors will be split into 2 groups, Group A and Group B. The competitors in these groups will fight everyone in the group round robin style.
Each match will be scored as follows, 3 points for a submission, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. The winner will be the competitor with the most points once the round robin is complete. The winners of group A and B will advance to the division final! Each match is 8 minutes long (3 minutes for kids).


 In the finals if time runs out there will be a coin toss. The winner of the coin toss will get to choose what position they want to start in and will have one minute to finish, If they do not finish the roles will be reversed until there is a submission.
For kids, matches will be 3 minutes and will run the time limit. Our referees are instructed to stop the match before a submission is locked in. When this happens, the kids will restart and continue to grapple until the 3 minutes are up. At the end of the match both kids hands will be raised!
Everyone is guaranteed at least 3 matches! Adults 14+ Kids 4-13(Will be matched as close to weight/age/gender as possible)

Benefits of Competing:  As a competitor myself I would compete in tournaments with different rule sets and always hear the same complaints about referee bias, bogus scoring and decisions, and so on! So I decided to create a tournament that takes those problems out of the equation completely! I also wanted to make sure competitors who pay their hard earned money on my tournament gain something from it, so using the format I created I made sure that all competitors will walk away with more than 3 matches! Made sure that referee bias doesn’t exist by making it sub only, so all competitors gain the most from my tournament and have fun while doing so.
I believe another cool aspect of the tournament, is that the format I am using, ensures that the best will rise to the top of each division. You won’t have the bad experience of entering and facing the overall winner in the first round and get eliminated only giving you one match and limited experience. This is an event not to be missed, sign up now to avoid disappointment!” – Jordan McColl (Tournament Owner)

For More Information Visit
Super 8 Submission Series Website
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